This App Turns Your Laugh Into Stunning 3D Space Art

by dee_fabbricatore, 6 years ago | N/A

Eyal Gever

The first sculpture made in zero gravity could be your giggle. Trippy, right?

The best new iPhone app is really hard to find. Your best bet is to search “Eyal Gever” in the App Store so the #Laugh-create art in space app pops up. But what does it do? And who’s Eyal Gever? And what’s this about space?

  1. The app lets you create a digital 3D star using only your voice. Simply record yourself talking, giggling, singing, etc. and it instantly transforms your sound into a colorful rendering. You can even pick the shape and give it a name.
  1. Eyal Gever is a renowned digital artist who was picked by Nasa’s partner Made in Space to create the first sculpture in zero gravity. Tasked with creating a global art project that represents the whole of humanity (NBD), he merged expression and science to create emotions that come from code.
  1. This is the best part: The laughter with the most shares and retweets will be printed on a 3D-printer aboard the International Space Station, then sent into orbit. That means the first-ever sculpture made in space could be your giggle. Trippy, right?

The project isn’t just fun for stoners who have always wondered what their laugh would look like—it’s also a surprisingly poetic experience to explore a stranger’s voice across the world.

Gever says it best on his site:

“#Laugh will be… a mathematically-accurate encapsulation of human laughter, simply floating through space, waiting to be discovered.”