Why Is A Huge Cross Secretly Growing In An Irish Forest?

by diamond_brown, 6 years ago | N/A

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Are you there, God? It’s me, Ireland.

Human beings have an infatuation with symbols: we wear jewelry or even get tattoos of things that represent something special in our lives. For an Irish farmer, an infatuation with the Celtic cross has turned an entire forest into an attraction people are flying high to see.

If you’ve ever flown over the forests of County Donegal, you may have caught a glimpse of one man’s ode to the Celtic cross.

A forester named Liam Emmery planted thousands of trees to create a 300-foot-long Celtic cross. He achieved this by planting two different types of trees at least six years ago, but the results are showing up most clearly this year due to the dry season. Since Emmery died in 2010, giving very little information about his creation to his family members, it remains unclear why he started this design in the first place. That doesn’t stop others from appreciating its beauty.

“If he was here, we would have all heard about it because he would have been so proud,” says his wife to The Irish Post. Those who fly over the forest or use drones in the area have taken to social media to showcase the beauty of the creation.