This Is The First Ever Wine Advent Calendar

by diamond_brown, 6 years ago | N/A

A different glass of wine for 12 days straight? Sign us up.

This upcoming holiday will surely be filled with cheer, joy and arguments over politics. If Trump or Clinton is the question, wine is the answer. Prepare accordingly with VineBox’s newest subscription box that counts down to the holidays with a different glass of wine for 12 days.
The 12 Nights Of Wine comes as a set of four boxes, with three different, individually-labeled glasses of red or white vino. All wines were chosen by VineBox’s sommeliers, so you know it’s the good stuff. The box is available to order now for $129, but if you hold out until Cyber Monday you can snag a set for $99. Hurry, though—shipping is set for Dec. 5.