This Chair Cuddles Better Than Any Boyfriend

by elaine_anderson, 6 years ago | N/A

Alexandra Knyazevoy

Think of it as a big, beefy dude who never speaks and has no needs of his own.

You know when you long for the physical comfort of a full-body embrace but you don’t actually want to interact with another human person? Well, Alexandra Knyazevoy, a furniture design student in Moscow, has finally solved this age-old dilemma with her creation of “The Inchworm.”

Alexandra Knyazevoy

Consisting of a curved metal frame and a giant body pillow, the inchworm chair spoons you better than any partner ever could. Think of it as a big beefy dude who never speaks, is covered in super-soft fabric, and has no needs of his own. Soulmate. ?