We’ll Soon Live In A World Where Burritos Have Wings

by dee_fabbricatore, 6 years ago | N/A

Your favorite food is cleared for takeoff.

How many times have you sat home alone, longing for a burrito to magically fall into your lap? Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. totally gets your struggle. That’s why they’ve partnered with Chipotle to test burrito drone delivery. I repeat: burrito. drone. delivery. It’s simple, really. Just order a burrito on a special kiosk and watch as it’s flown in and lowered to the ground via a tether. (I’ve had this exact dream, scene-for-scene, many times before.) They’re currently testing in Blacksburg, Virginia, on Virginia Tech’s campus. You can check out a video of it all in action, which shows a drone dropping the package a little too aggressively for cargo as precious as a burrito. I certainly wouldn’t want to see guacamole and chips treated that way.
Now that the FFA has cleared commercial use of drones, companies worldwide are experimenting with drone delivery. In New Zealand, Domino’s is testing actually pizza deliveries to customers. What does this mean for the future of takeout? Will we soon live in a world where pizza grows wings and swoops down from the heavens from whence it came? The future is awesome.