These Reindeer May Deliver Pizza—Glory Hallelujah

by diamond_brown, 6 years ago | N/A

Antonio Manaligod/Dose

Rudolph, with your nose so bright, won’t you drive my ’za tonight?

What happens when Christmas is over and Santa has no need for reindeer? They may get a part-time job at Domino’s. According to a press release, Domino’s of Japan is considering using reindeer to deliver pizza during the snowy winter months in the north. Long gone are the days of using robots and drones to deliver pie — Domino’s is kicking it old-school, y’all.

Domino’s Japan

No, it’s not a joke — Domino’s is looking for a solution to deliver pizza in the harsh blizzard conditions predicted for this upcoming winter. The company enlisted the help of professional animal handlers to train reindeer in the icy city of Ishikari to carry pizzas strapped to their backs. Their goal is to have Santa’s friends deliver the pizzas in a timely matter that customers can track via GPS on mobile devices.

Domino’s Japan

So what makes reindeer excellent candidates? They’re actually incredibly adaptable animals, with bodies able to adjust to pretty much any temperature. Their fur traps air, creating insulation and buoyancy, helping them travel in freezing temps across both land and sea. During winter months, the pads on their hooves tighten, revealing a rim that provides traction against icy ground. It’s pretty much like nature’s own version of a heavy-duty snow boot.

Before PETA loses its shit, keep in mind Domino’s has revealed that so far, the reindeers haven’t been able to keep pizzas on their backs for long amounts of time. Domino’s tried hooking the animals up to sleighs they would pull in Santa fashion, but it’s not clear if it’ll work. Here’s hoping for a Christmas miracle.