9 Optical Illusions That Will Drive You Wild. I Can't Wrap My Head Around #4

by N/A, 8 years ago | N/A | 543

These trippy optical illusions are without a doubt some of the most mind-bending things around. All you'll want to do is stare at these a little longer and try to figure them out! Good luck...


1. Where did the square go?
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2. They are moving at the same pace...
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3. Stare at the center dot.... yep.
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4. You can literally change the direction she is spinning with your mind. Keep staring.
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5. Again. Just keep looking.
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6. Stare at the green dot. JUST DO IT.
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7. This is not animated. I REPEAT this is not animated.
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8. The color stays the same. I swear.
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9. Stare at the center dot... YEP.
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