Do Certain Sounds Fill You With Rage? There’s A Name For That

by mathew_jedeikin, 6 years ago | N/A

Antonio Manaligod/Dose

Bodily noises are the most common triggers. ~*shudders*~

Misophonia is described as a literal “hatred of sound.” It’s caused by heightened sensitivity to sound that can cause intense emotional and physical reactions. If you’ve ever found yourself intolerant of certain sounds, or have experienced sound-induced rage, then you’ve probably got misophonia and will undoubtedly agree with the following:

1. It’s difficult to maintain your compose when you’re around people who chew loudly.

By far, the most common trigger for misophonics is the sound of another person chewing. It can send you into an emotional fit of rage in a matter of seconds. For the love of God, why would anyone ever want another individual to hear the sound of them eating?

2. In fact, chewing with your mouth open in public places should be outlawed. Plain and simple.

It causes an emotional reaction so strong, it’s difficult—if not impossible—to contain. I think we can all agree it’s probably best if we just ban chewing with your mouth open in public altogether. Done and done!

3. Chewing gum should also be banned.


Because it should be illegal to sell a product the sole purpose of which is to get people to chew more. Seriously, what were the inventors of chewing gum thinking?

4. There’s nothing more bloodcurdling than the sound of someone sucking on their tooth.

Ghazaleh Ghazanfari/Flickr

Teeth should be used to bite and (quietly, we hope) chew. They should never, ever be loudly sucked on. Amiright?

5. When your misophonia really gets bad, there are unexpected consequences.

Broken pens, ripped papers, napkins squeezed beyond the point of return. These are all examples of what happens when someone does something as careless as loudly slurping a beverage.

6. Windshield wipers should never come in contact with a dry windshield.

State Farm/Flickr

If the rain momentarily stops, then the wipers must be stopped immediately. IMMEDIATELY!

7. You’re no stranger to relocating yourself in public spaces to get away from people who are being loud.

I’m sure we can all agree it’s easier to just get up and move. Sneering and sending angry looks simply doesn’t work. People can be so damn oblivious.

8. Sitting near someone loudly eating popcorn has ruined many a movie for you.


If the movie theater isn’t full, then get up and move as soon as the loud consumption of popcorn commences. Seriously, don’t wait or that seat on the other side of the theater might get taken by someone else!

9. Quality earplugs are a worthwhile investment.


Thank God for earplugs. If you’ve got some extra cash to burn, splurge on some noise-canceling headphones.