A Team Of Experts Predicted What The World Will Look Like In 2116

by N/A, 6 years ago | N/A

Our world today is almost unrecognizable from a century ago, so what can we expect jumping a century ahead? 

The Samsung Future Living Report was compiled by a group of scientists, architects and urban planners who have some great insight into what our world will look like in 100 years. 


First off, with increasing medical capability thanks to technological advancement and collaboration, we may be around to see it. 

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These in-home body pods will fully scan your body to determine if you're truly sick with a digital diagnosis, where the problem is concentrated and it will even be able to dispense medication or dispatch personnel when needed. 

Our cities will have completely transformed with towering mega structures that will "dwarf today's skyscrapers" and earth structures that tunnel 25 stories underground. 


Even farther into the deep, the report predicts the creation of underwater cities that use the water to foster breathable atmospheres. 


Travel will have revolutionized too, and roads will be a thing of the past when everyone travels the skyways in their own personal drones. 

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And as for vacations, drones will be able to transport entire homes to your destination finally making packing a thing of the past. 


Or you could just take a vacation to the moon or Mars, as colonization throughout space begins close to home and expands outward as capabilities increase. 


Interior design will be completely dependent on your mood, thanks to customizable smart walls that can change on a whim (think old school "Smart House" style) 

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Cooking will be a breeze too when you can download meals from top chefs to your 3D printer (though no word on if auto-washing dishes will be a thing) 

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Take a look at the presentation video to get a glimpse into 2116: