You've Probably Had One Of These 10 Nightmares, But What Do They Actually Mean?

by N/A, 7 years ago | N/A

We tend to remember our bad dreams over our good dreams, but what exactly are our nightmares telling us?


1. Being trapped or stuck somewhere indicates you feel powerless.

Dreams of being trapped are often associated with frustrations you are feeling in real life. For instance, you may feel stuck in a relationship or in a job you hate. It can also represent that you feel powerless or out of control in a situation. 

2. Being betrayed by someone you love means you feel isolated or abandoned.

Betrayal in dreams means you feel abandoned by someone close to you. Perhaps they are spending their time focused on something or someone else and you feel alienated. 

3. Dying represents new beginnings.

Dreaming about death ironically symbolizes rebirth, or a chapter in your life that is finishing while you make room for new beginnings. Dreams about graves represent your fear that a part of you has ceased to exit.

4. Being lost means you feel like you don't fit in.

This nightmare typically occurs when you feel anxiety, confusion, frustration, or like you don't fit in. It's usually about a current life situation, whether it be starting a new job or moving to a new city and making friends.

5. Being injured means you feel out of control.

If you dream of being hurt it's usually connected to a situation in which you feel powerless. Self-inflicted injuries are linked to concerns of self-sabotage. If someone else is hurting you it could be associated to a situation that makes you feel helpless or cut off.

6. Losing teeth means you feel anxious about a situation in your life.

Dreaming about losing your teeth is usually linked to anxiety, and sometimes depression. It's also a sign that you feel helpless and out of control of what's happening to you in everyday life, including aging and realizing your own mortality. 

7. Being naked represents feelings of shame.
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Being naked in your dream means pretty much what you'd expect. It represents vulnerability or feeling ashamed of yourself. It could mean that you feel exposed in front of someone you're trying to impress, or that you fear other people find you to be conspicuous. 

8. Failing a test means you don't feel prepared for something.

Failing a test in a dream can actually be associated with real life anxiety of failing a test in the past, present or future. Being unprepared for the test means you don't feel prepared for challenges coming your way.

9. Running away or being chased represents feelings of insecurity.
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Get this: being chased by someone in your dream is actually you chasing a part of yourself. It's a metaphor for insecurity, and means there's a part of you that you have yet to come to terms with. It can also mean you feel threatened by your own insecurities or have feelings of anger and envy towards something/someone.

10. Falling represents your fear of losing control over something.

This is the most common nightmare. Falling, losing your balance or slipping is caused by a change in blood pressure when you enter into unconsciousness. It's an indication of insecurities and anxieties about something you feel you don't have control of. Don't worry though, you won't actually die if you don't wake up before you fall.