Find Out Why This Old Lady Was Going 22 MPH and Then Hope You Never Make the Same Mistake

by N/A, 7 years ago | N/A

This is the funniest thing you'll read all day. Usually when a cop pulls someone over it's bad news for all parties, but not this time.


One day a cop is sitting on the side of the road and clocking cars to see if anyone is speeding.

He clocks a car going by at 22 MPH. Immediately, the cop thinks this car is dangerous, as the speed limit is much higher than 22 MPH. 

When he pulls the car over and walks up to the vehicle, he notices the car is filled with 5 older ladies.

The officer tells the driver and her friends that while she wasn't speeding, she was driving too slow at 22 MPH. The lady says right away that she was doing the speed limit, because she thought the speed limit was 22 MPH. The officer laughs too himself realizing that they are on route 22, which is why the woman probably thought that was the speed limit. 

When the officer explains this to the women, they chuckle to themselves and apologize.

The officer is about to let them go with a warning, but first asks if everyone in the car is okay before he leaves. The driver smiles at the cop and says they're are all fine, they just got off of Route 122. 

LOL. Grandmas, you crack us up!
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