3 Reasons to Try an In-Store Shaving Consultation

by joe_erbentraut, 2 years ago | N/A

Note: As many people are confined to their homes due to Covid-19, this service is not currently available. If you are interested in signing up for a future date, please enter your email below.

It’s not easy to get a close shave that’s comfortable, gentle on your skin and actually looks good. But what if there was an easy way to get shaving advice that was customized to you? A new in-store digital consultation service may be the answer to your shaving struggles.

Smart kiosk consultations are the newest way to get shaving advice and product recommendations specifically for your hair and skin. Located in your neighborhood drugstore, consultations range from a quick one-minute overview to in-depth fifteen-minute sessions. Here’s why you should give one a try:

1. Get shaving advice backed by science

Science-based tools and expert knowledge come together on a digital platform to help you get your cleanest shave yet. Innovative tools like hair growth maps and skin and hair imaging help you get a totally customized recommendation on how to take care of your facial hair.

2. Learn what razor works best for you while you’re in the shaving aisle

Already out running errands? An in-store digital kiosk in your local drugstore or supermarket can help you navigate the sea of shaving products and tell you what razor to buy while you’re literally standing in the middle of the razor aisle.

3. Achieve your cleanest, most comfortable shave yet

By answering short questions about your shaving habits, hair, and skin type, the kiosk will create a profile for your personal hair and skincare needs. Have sensitive skin? Stressed about having an uncomfortable shave? The kiosk gives advice from experts and custom products recommendations, so you’ll be well-equipped to get your best shave ever.

It’s easy to become the master of your own shave when you have the right tools, technology, and experts backing you up. Enter your email below to sign up for a consultation. 

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