This Gravity-Defying Shelf Will Bend Minds/Bathrooms

by, 6 years ago | N/A

You won’t believe your eyes—literally.

For the most part, shelves aren’t the centerpieces of many rooms. Then again, most shelves don’t double as optical illusions — and appear to defy most laws of physics, at the same time. The Field shelf, which comes straight from the brain of Ukrainian designer Dmitry Kozinenko, however, does just that.
When you look at the Field shelf straight-on, you might think the objects resting on it are floating — however, this is just an illusion. Using a number of strategically-placed vertical and horizontal metal rods, the Field shelf plays tricks on your eyes, depending on your vantage point.
When looking at the shelf from the front, all you will see are the vertical rods. However, by viewing the shelf at an angle — or its profile — you will start to see its true nature. This stylish piece is the perfect accessory for any art (or physics) lover—or anyone aspiring to make their apartment resemble a wing of the Guggenheim. I know I am.