4 Reasons Laundry Is the Worst

by joe_erbentraut, 2 years ago | N/A

We all hate doing chores. Nothing is less fun than taking out the garbage, scrubbing crusty food off dishes or hoovering your flat—except, perhaps, taking on the epic task of doing laundry.

Why is laundry the worst? Well, lots of reasons, but whingeing about all of them would take too much time. So, in the interest of commiserating quickly, we’ve broken it down into four reasons why doing laundry is the absolute worst.

1. It’s such a fuss
The last thing you want to deal with when you’re busy is piles of clothes, but you have no choice when they’re cluttering up your flat. Unlike most chores, laundry can take days thanks to a lengthy drying process. So if you’re booked up during the week then take the weekend to do your laundry, what are you supposed to do with all those clothes? When laundry is your last priority during the week, and your least favorite thing to do on the weekends, it can be a real struggle to find the energy to get it done.

2. It’s easy to get wrong
Doing laundry wouldn’t be so awful if you could just toss everything into the same load and be done with it. But, of course, it’s not that easy. Have you ever ruined a favourite shirt because the washing tag instructions weren’t clear? Different products and machines have different instructions, different fabrics have different rules—it’s utter chaos. And if you have a fun wardrobe with lots of hard-to-care-for items, it’s an outright pain that an elaborate closet automatically means an elaborate laundry routine.

3. It takes too much bloody time
Laundry feels like ten chores in one. “Doing laundry” isn’t just one thing; it’s sorting clothes, choosing the right products, washing multiple loads, finding enough spaces to hang dry, and, finally, folding and putting away. Ugh. It would be one thing if all of this only took an hour, but because the process drags on for so long, we have no choice but to dedicate precious free time to getting it done.

4. It hasn’t caught up with modern life
Somehow, doing laundry feels outdated. Why has everything else experienced a jump in convenience (we can shop and order food online and quickly hire cars to drive us everywhere) yet we still do laundry the same way our grannies did? How much have laundry products changed since then? Why can’t doing laundry be as easy as using an app? 

Other than outsourcing your entire laundry process to a paid service, which, let’s be honest, only happens in our dreams, we have nowhere to go but up and can rest assured in the hope that better laundry days are ahead.