7 Ways To Get A Close, Clean Shave Every Time

by joe_erbentraut, 3 years ago | N/A

Men who shave regularly rack up a lot of time in the bathroom. In fact, studies show guys will spend about 45 days of their lives shaving. That’s 65,520 minutes, for anyone counting.

But these men also know that a really good shave comes with time and effort. Until new shavers make things easier (fingers crossed), here’s how to get a clean, comfortable shave: 

1. Prep your skin with a cleanser.

Instead of using harsh soaps, invest in a face cleanser that softens the protein in your hair. Leave cleanser on your face for about a minute before rinsing so it softens your hair for a more comfortable shave.

2. Keep your skin hot and damp.

Of course, the easiest way to do this is to shave in the shower or right after you get out.

3. Don’t skip the shave gel.

Shaving foam or gel hydrates your facial hair so it’s softer and easier to cut. It also adds a thin protective layer between the blades and your skin. Foam or gel? You can’t go wrong with either. Foam is lighter and easier to rinse, while gel gives you more glide and protection.

4. Shave with AND against the grain with gentle, light strokes.

Yes, we’re settling this once and for all: Facial hair grows in many directions so you should shave both ways, based on what feels comfortable. If you have very thick hair, start by shaving in the direction your hair grows to minimize razor burn.

5. Rinse your blade frequently.

Yes, this part is a hassle, but rinsing your blade often means less buildup so the blades glide better.

6. Shave your upper lip and around your mouth last.

This will give the shave gel more time to soak in and make this delicate area easier to shave.

7. Rinse your face with cold water after your shave.

This reduces inflammation and irritation, just like putting an ice pack on an injury.

Now can someone please make a product so this is easier? We’ll be waiting here...in the bathroom.