Friendship At First Sight Is Real

by hemza_hajyousif, 4 years ago | N/A

Studies show you can fall in friendship with someone. ❤

Have you ever instantly clicked with a friend? Almost like you became friends at first sight? Well, it might be more common than you think, and it all has to do with chemistry and instinct. Researchers discovered that chemistry is not just something that happens on great dates, but occurs in a matter of seconds when forging lifelong friendships. A study conducted at California State University found that “clicking” with a friend is really our brains making a series of complex decisions before even talking to a prospective best friend. The study says, “When you first see the person, you don’t realize how many judgments you’re making, but you’re actually gathering information that’s telling you if this person fills those needs for you.” Essentially, your brain helps you determine if someone is BFF material right off the bat. However, just like assuming you’ll meet your Prince Charming with a glance, relying on that instant connection could stop you from finding your best friend. A study done by the University of Minnesota explains, “If you expect [the relationship] not to develop, you’re going to ensure it doesn’t. If you expect that it’s going to be positive, you’re more likely to act positively and make it turn in that direction.” In other words, you’re trusting your “gut reaction” or instinct when meeting someone for the first time. If it is a positive experience, your brain then uses that as motivation to make the friendship work. So how did you and your best friend know? Was it friendship at first sight?