Ever Wondered What A Bee Looks Like Peeing? Me Neither, But Here It Is Anyway!

by DanielJ.Scotti@omgfacts.com, 6 years ago | N/A


When you gotta go, you gotta go!

In somewhat weird news, an English photographer captured one of nature’s rarer sights on camera: a bumblebee going to the bathroom. Check it out, below.


Forty-five-year-old Mark Parrott captured the rare image while photographing a swarm of bees in North East Lincolnshire’s Grimsby Garden Centre, but didn’t even notice it until after the fact. When he did, the bloke was rather impressed at his own feat — in proper English fashion.

“I was shocked with excitement when I saw the shot and couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Parrott said. “There was a steady stream coming from the cheeky little bee.”

However, the “steady stream” coming from the cheeky little bee technically isn’t urine—at least not the conventional type that we’re used to. It’s actually uric acid, which the Grimsby Telegraph refers to as “the insect version of wee.” Apparently, this liquid builds up inside the kidneys of insects, where it mixes with other bodily fluids, before exiting the body.


While the amount of uric acid is extremely small, it is possible for the spectacle to be caught on camera, if timed absolutely perfectly. To make matters even more unbelievable, Parrott captured the shot using a handheld camera. #goals.