19 Photos That Prove That The Future Is Actually Now

by N/A, 8 years ago | N/A | 208

And all this time, we haven't even realized it.


1. We have Holograms...but for ice cream?! :
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WTF? Are we in the space age?
2. We now have chemicals that deflect liquids:
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3. This is an Oculus Rift being use for 3D Imaging:
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4. We have spoons that make it much easier for those with Parkinson's:
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5. We now have digital libraries that only require scanning a QR code to find the book you want:
6. We have subway advertisements with Harry Potter-like magic:
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7. We've made very important things like A LOT smaller...
8. There's an app that will give you a real time translation:
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9. There's a trashcan that can guess where you're going to toss that waste:
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10. Astronauts are in space...taking selfies:
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11. Robots are starting to look more like humans:
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12. This is green screen and you'd never even guess it:
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13. We have awesome bathrooms with windows that only go private once the door is locked:
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14. Cities are growing way too fast...and this is how much Shanghai has grown since 1987:
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15. We're in the process of creating truly transparent vehicles:
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16. These doors actually exist...no, this isn't fake:
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17. Bionic limbs are absolutely incredible and fully functional:
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18. This is how many planets we've discovered this year, compared to the last 2 decades:
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19. And remember all of these? Probably not, because all of them now fit into your pocket: