You Can Zip Line Across The Grand Canyon If You’re Brave Enough

by julian_larach, 4 years ago | N/A

Step up your seven wonders game.

Zip lining and seeing the Grand Canyon should be on everyone’s bucket list (if not, we’ll talk later). But life’s short and there’s not a lot of time to get to everything! Thankfully, Grand Canyon West is letting every thrill-seeker kill two birds with one stone by creating a zip line that sends you flying over a vast side canyon. This adrenaline-inducing experience skyrockets 1,000 feet above one of the natural seven wonders at 50 miles per hour. You can find the life-changing experience at Hualapai Ranch, which is just a mile from the glass-bottom Skywalk. Once you ramp up your courage, climb some stairs and strap yourself in, you’ll rush through the first line that’s 1,100 feet across the canyon. By then you’ll be a zip lining pro and ready for the second steeper line that shoots 2,100 feet downhill. This adventure isn’t just for the lone explorer. You and your thrill-seeking partner have the opportunity to dash through the Grand Canyon together. The zip line is designed with two “quad zip lines” that allow up to four people to ride at the same time. Tickets are priced at just $89 for the best zip line event of your life. Blow up your BFF’s phone and let me know when you’re ready to fly, because I am totally restless for a new daredevil adventure.