Couples That Travel Stay Together & Have Better Sex

by kevin_jackson, 5 years ago | N/A

Forget the flowers & jewelry: board the first plane out of town. ✈

Keeping the fire burning after years of being with the same person isn’t easy, especially for married couples: A recent survey from The Austin Institute, an organization that researches sex and relationships, found that 12% of married people between the ages of 18–60 hadn’t gotten down and dirty in the past three months. That’s not just a dry spell — that’s a damn desert. The same study found that 70 percent of people feel that sex was “very important” to a marriage. So it’s clear that couples need to find a way to knock boots more often. Could the solution to this problem be as easy as going on vacation? The US Travel Association (USTA) seems to think so. The organization — which is a not-for-profit group representing all components of the travel industry — commissioned a survey in 2013 that found 77% of couples who traveled together reported having a “good sex life.” On the other hand, only 63% of couples who don’t take trips together said the same. Perhaps even better, it looks like vacations can salvage a sexless relationship. The USTA’s survey found that 28% of travelers believed their trips positively affected their sex life. On top of that, 40% went so far as to say their adventures between the sheets improved permanently as a result of travel. This shouldn’t be news to anyone who’s taken a romantic getaway with their sweetheart. Experiencing new things together helps you bond — and in a foreign country, almost everything is new. So where are the best places in the world to breathe fresh life into the bedroom? One travel company claims to have the answer. Expedia asked over 1,000 people questions about their travel histories and their sexual relationships. Their survey found that Paris was the most likely destination to boost your sex life. If you want to keep that baguette in the bedroom — Rome was number two. Rio de Janeiro, Florence and Miami are numbers three, four and five. Regardless of whether you go across the world or across town, taking a trip with your significant other shows you’re committed to a fun and exciting relationship. Who knows — maybe on the way, you can join the Mile High Club. ✈