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Best Facts of All Time - Page 957

Rapper Busta Rhymes voiced Reptar from Rugrats!

Reptar is the green T-Rex character in the popular animated television series "Rugrats." In the world of "Rugrats," Reptar is a fictionalized character similar to a Mickey Mouse.

His likeness is used to sell clothing, toes and even a theme park. The show's main character, the rug rats, look up to Reptar with admiration and awe.

In the "Rugrats" movie, Tommy Pickle's dad, Stu Pickles, builds a Reptar wagon. This is essentially a Reptar-themed high tech car with it's own voice. The Reptar wagon is voiced by popular rapper Busta Rhymes of Flipmode Squad.

Rhymes also voices the Reptar Wagon when it appears in "Rugrats" television episodes after the release of the "Rugrats" film.


There was a Nintendo 64 accessory never released in the U.S. that let you play games online! What was it?

The accessory for the Nintendo 64 was known as the Nintendo 64DD, and was a disk drive that would attach to the bottom of your console and allow you to use a variety of different services. You were able to surf the Internet, listen to music, play unreleased games, and play online with people around the world!

That’s right; you could play a game such as Pokémon Stadium with someone who lived on the other side of the planet, something that was groundbreaking technology for a console in the 90’s! Why wasn’t this around when you were a kid? Read the source to find out all the details!


The default Windows XP desktop is a real picture of a real location with no digital enchantments

You may be familiar with the Windows XP background. It shows a beautiful green field underneath a crystal blue sky. A few clouds are scattered across the screen. The background is named "Bliss" and is an actual photo taken in Sonoma County, California.

Professional photographer Charles O'Rear took the photo for the digital design company HighTurn. Despite it's unreal appearance, O'Rear maintains that the photograph was not digitally enhanced.


Some awesome lists!

There are more than 20,000 slaves buried in New York!

Archaeologists in New York have been investigating a burial site located under the busy New York streets. They estimate that about 20,000 slaves were buried under the metropolis. They've found many skeletons with filed teeth, a practice that leads them to believe that they arrived to New York straight from Africa. These slaves helped build the city back when it was becoming the economic center of the United States.

One horrible finding that has been found on these slave burial grounds is that half of the remains were children under 12 years old! Researchers speculate that it was more cost effective for slave owners to work people to death and replace them instead of taking good care of them, so they took people that were young, but ready to work.


It costs up to $250,000 to raise a child in the United States

If the parents put their children through college, $10,000 can be added to the total price tag! However, the first 12 years of a child’s life is much more costly than the teenage years because of daycare costs, etc.

If you’re an expecting parent and are scared by these numbers, don’t worry. For instance, living in a smaller home can lower that number by as much as $2,900 a year! Breastfeeding for a year instead of going directly to formula can save over $1000 in groceries. You can also make your own baby food with a blender and save hundreds in groceries as well! 



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