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Napoleon Dynamite cost only $400,000 to make, but it made over $45 million.

Napoleon Dynamite cost only $400,000 to make, but it made over $45 million.

If you’ve seen the film, it shouldn’t come any surprise to you that it cost so little to produce. More surprisingly was the fact that it made back over 100 times its budget in revenue in less than a year.

Common duct tape can do many things, but don't try to use it for actual duct work or this may happen

Duct tape is cloth—or scrim-backed, pressure-sensitive tape often coated with polyethylene. There are a variety of constructions using different backings and adhesives.One variation, called gaffer tape, is designed to be cleanly removed, while duct tape is not.

However, duct tape should not be confused with special tapes actually designed for sealing heating and ventilation ducts.

To provide laboratory data about which sealants and tapes last, and which are likely to fail, research was conducted at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Environmental Energy Technologies Division.

Their major conclusion was that one should not use common duct tape to seal ducts (they had defined duct tape as any fabric-based tape with rubber adhesive).The testing done shows that under challenging but realistic conditions, common duct tapes become brittle and may fail.


Green Gummy Bears are actually strawberry flavored!

Gummy bears originated in Germany. Haribo, the company that created them, was started in 1920. In 1922, he invented the Dancing Bear, a fruit-flavored gum made in the shape of a bear.

The dancing bear would eventually become the Gold-Bears that you now know and love as gummy bears. In the US, the Haribo gummy bears come in 5 flavors. What's interesting is that the green one is actually strawberry flavored!

If you're really into gummy bears, check out the source for more info on them.


Some awesome lists!

Carrots were originally purple and red!

Carrots are a power food that gives us a wealthy of healthy benefits. Three of their major components are vitamin A, alpha carotene, and phytochemicals. Those 3 elements aid us by boosting our immunity, reducing the risk of high blood pressure and heart attack, fighting infections and even reducing acne and easing the alcohol withdrawal symptoms!

They are packed full of good things for our bodies. They weren’t originally orange, though! Carrots originally were purple or red, but they changed over time due to temperature changes, the time of year they are grown, and the amount of water and sunlight the carrot is exposed to.

You still can find purple and red carrots, however, in health food stores and they are packed with even more nutrients than the orange ones. They do taste the same as the orange ones, though.


Chuck Palahniuk wrote a story that caused people to faint when it was read.

Chuck Palahniuk is an author who is well known for his ability as a writer and especially for having written the book Fight Club, which the movie was made off of. One of his most interesting stories was title “Guts” and was included as part of a series of horror stories called Haunted. 

His goal in writing the short stories series was to create horrific stories using completely ordinary items. What is truly amazing about this short story is that it is so horrifying that it consistently causes people to faint when it is read for an audience. 

This was a surprise to the author, who had read it to some of his writing buddies, as was their custom, without any illness or fainting. His buddies' response was to laugh hilariously at it. However in readings across the United States, across England, and in translations of the story in Italy people dropped in the crowds, faint from the descriptions of the story. 

Palahniuk who frequently read the story at bookstores became very familiar with watching people faint in the crowds. According to his publicist, people tended to drop at the words 'corn and peanuts.' He finds the story very amusing himself, and is amazed at how horrifying people find the story. Read about author’s opinion on his story at the source.



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