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People in China can earn up to $50,000 as professional fart sniffers!

Gather around, people with the tolerance to smell other people's farts - you can earn up to $50,000 a year in China, you just have to smell farts for a living.

Nobody said that it would be easy, but someone has to step up, because as it turns out, doctor's can tell a lot about people by their farts. Well, that is what some doctor's believe anyway.

Dogs have been known to be able to discover if a patient has prostate cancer just by smelling their feces and urine.

As a result, some people think that if someone with a keen sense of smell were to smell someone's farts, they could describe the smell to the doctor's, who can then diagnose the patient.

It's unusual, but at least it pays alright. Applicants must be between the ages of 18-45, have no nasal defects, non smoker, and not be dependent on alcohol.


A 2,300 man was found almost perfectly preserved with hair gel still in his hair!

He has been named the Clonycavan Man because he was found in Clonycavan, Ballivor, County Meath, Ireland in 2003. Found in a modern peat harvesting machine that was digging in a bog, this man is currently on display at the National Museum of Ireland. Why is this body so important? While only his torso and upper abdomen are preserved, scientists were able to closely study the man’s teeth, bone structure, and hair to give them a closer look into how people used to live.

Clonycavan Man is thought to have been murdered, with large lacerations in his head, and to have been left in the bog. After carbon dating was done, it was discovered that the corpse is roughly 2,300 years old. The most amazing part? He still had hair gel in his hair! The gel was made of plant oil and pine resin to give him a “Mohawk hairstyle” and was believed to have been imported from western France or Spain, suggesting the man was rather wealthy to be able to afford foreign cosmetics. 

This could also imply that Ireland was already trading with Southern Europe before Roman rule. The corpse was so pristine that scientists were able to study the pores on his nose and his beard! 


The Honey Guide bird in Africa has a special call just for speaking with humans!

The Maasai people of Africa whistle and communicate with the Honey Guide bird. The bird has a special call that it only uses when communicating with humans. They help the Maasai find honeycomb. The bird’s call changes as the Maasai get closer and closer to the honeycomb.

So, why does the Honey Guide help the Maasai? The Maasai return the favor and give the bird some of the honeycomb. If they didn’t give back, the bird could lead them into harm’s way the next time.

Some awesome lists!

Asians are less tolerant to alcohol than any other ethnicity!

When drinking, Asians may experience the Asian Flush syndrome. This syndrome is prevalent in Asia and common in people of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean ancestry. The syndrome is caused by variation in two different genes.

The first is a variant in the gene that encodes for an enzyme, alcohol dehydrogenase, which breaks down alcohol into acetaldehyde. A whopping 80 percent of Asians have a gene variant that vastly increases the efficiency of alcohol conversion to acetaldehyde, by up to 100 times. So far so good.

The second gene variant is for another enzyme called acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH2) that metabolizes acetaldehyde, making it less efficient than normal. Acetaldehyde causes blood vessels to dilate resulting in the characteristic flush, and also raises the heart rate.

Asians break down alcohol faster, but it takes them longer to metabolize acetaldehyde, and acetaldehyde is more toxic than alcohol! It is also a well-known carcinogen! And hence this makes Asians less tolerant to alcohol than any other ethnicity.If you suffer from this syndrome you might want to consider other options when going out for a drink with your friends.


The government provides marijuana to four people. For free.

Marijuana is an extremely controversial topic throughout the country, and it remains illegal… for the most part. Medical marijuana is beginning to spread and has passed in several states, and while they remain the minority, the legalization effort is no new issue and has been waged for decades. 

Back in 1978 a glaucoma patient named Robert Randall was arrested for possessing and growing his own marijuana. He claimed that it was necessary to relieve the pain he suffered from his disease and argued his stance in court. The charges were dropped and the government made a deal with Randall. 

They would provide him with free, legal marijuana for the rest of his life as long as he wouldn’t press the legalization issue in courts. The government developed something known as the “Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program” which fulfilled their promise to Randall. Because the program was labeled as research they opened it up to new patients and proceeded legally. However, in 1992, President Bush ended the program, yet four people still remain under its law codes and are provided free marijuana by the government whenever they wish! Tell us, what do you think of this program? 


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