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Best Facts of All Time - Page 925

It’s illegal to serve margarine instead of butter in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin, which is known for its dairy products like butter, actually banned the sale or use of margarine colored to look like butter back in 1895. The law wasn’t repealed until 1967 after a Wisconsin State Senator and butter enthusiast underwent a blind taste test and discovered that margarine tasted better.

From 1967 until now, it’s still been illegal to serve margarine as a replacement for butter in diners. Breaking this law is punishable by up to 3 months in jail, though that’s never been enforced. The law also requires that butter be served in Wisconsin’s schools and at state institutions, including prisons.

SillyBandz can HARM you!

Whatever the newest young people fad is, there are always horror stories cautioning parents about it. They're usually always false or exaggerated, like the Pokémon cartoon being harmful, or Harry Potter leading kids to become real witches and wizards. 

In August 2010, a chain e-mail went out warning people of the dangers of SillyBanz. It showed a picture of a kid being lacerated by using SillyBandz for a long period of time. While this might have usually been dismissed as fake, it was actually true!

A 4-year-old boy from New York was taken to the doctor because his dad had found some deep cuts from all the SillyBands he had on his arm. The doctor even found some EMBEDDED on his skin! The picture is kinda nasty so we didn't want to post it on the main page, but you can head over to the source to check it out.


There's a SPA in Japan where you can bathe in coffee, tea and wine!

Although you probably don't wanna drink any of them, a Japanese hotspring in Hakone, Japan lets you get into what is basically a giant cup of coffee, green tea or wine.

Since the park is mostly natural hotsprings, they have to brew the coffee and pour it in the pools. The spa also has a giant teapot and a giant wine bottle from where those liquids come from. Check out some more pics of this awesome place at the source.

Some awesome lists!

People in China can earn up to $50,000 as professional fart sniffers!

Gather around, people with the tolerance to smell other people's farts - you can earn up to $50,000 a year in China, you just have to smell farts for a living.

Nobody said that it would be easy, but someone has to step up, because as it turns out, doctor's can tell a lot about people by their farts. Well, that is what some doctor's believe anyway.

Dogs have been known to be able to discover if a patient has prostate cancer just by smelling their feces and urine.

As a result, some people think that if someone with a keen sense of smell were to smell someone's farts, they could describe the smell to the doctor's, who can then diagnose the patient.

It's unusual, but at least it pays alright. Applicants must be between the ages of 18-45, have no nasal defects, non smoker, and not be dependent on alcohol.


The Honey Guide bird in Africa has a special call just for speaking with humans!

The Maasai people of Africa whistle and communicate with the Honey Guide bird. The bird has a special call that it only uses when communicating with humans. They help the Maasai find honeycomb. The bird's call changes as the Maasai get closer and closer to the honeycomb. So, why does the Honey Guide help the Maasai? The Maasai return the favor and give the bird some of the honeycomb. If they didn't give back, the bird could lead them into harm's way the next time.


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