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If you walk and talk with someone, eventually you will synchronize your steps with each other.

If you walk and talk with someone, eventually you will synchronize your steps with each other.

Interpersonal synchronization of stepping happens when people walk side-by-side. Little is known about this, but it has practical uses in therapy. In 2009, this phenomenon was the subject of a study to help impaired people in rehabilitation. Subjects were paired together to walk on treadmills side-by-side. The result? People started walking faster to keep up with their partners.

Plus, as OK GO has demonstrated, it can be awesome.

People who laugh a lot are much healthier than those who don't.

People who laugh a lot are much healthier than those who don't.

Dr. Lee Berk at the Loma Linda School of Public Health in California found that laughing lowers levels of stress hormones, and strengthens the immune system.

Laughter increases levels of a hormone called beta-endorphines (which elevates mood state) by 27% and increases human growth hormone by 87%. Human growth hormone (HGH) is used to treat patients with hormone deficiencies and has been shown to improve the immune system, bone and muscle mass, and reduces body fat. This is the same hormone that athletes use to improve their athletic performance in their sports.

Laughter also has been shown to reduce levels of three stress hormones: cortisol, dopac, and epinephrine. Epinephrine is also known as adrenaline, the hormone that triggers the "fight-or-flight" response when we are afraid. At chronic levels, these three hormones can harm the immune system's function as well as contribute to other detrimental health effects.

Berk also found that mirthful laughter raised good cholesterol and lowered inflammation during a test of the effects of laughter on diabetic patients.
Some awesome lists!

Yes, you CAN tickle YOURSELF! The only place you can tickle yourself is the top of your mouth. TRY IT.

The sensation of tickling is important to have. It's similar to the feeling of having bugs or spiders crawling on you. The reaction you have to being tickled is important to keep those kind of animals from crawling on you.

You tickle mostly because of surprise. Even if you know you're about to be tickled, you don't necessarily know where, so you react by being ticklish. When you try to tickle yourself, it usually doesn't work because your brain already knows how you're going to do it. You can't tickle yourself because you can't surprise yourself.

Possibly because the roof of your mouth isn't used to being touched like that, it still tickles if you touch the roof of your mouth.

McDonald's SALADS are more fattening than their burgers.

You can see for yourself in their nutrition facts. A hamburger at McDonald's has 9 grams of fat. A cheeseburger has 12 grams of fat. The Premium Caesar salad with crispy chicken has 17 grams of fat. The Premium Southwest Salad with crispy chicken and the Premium Bacon Ranch Salad with crispy chicken both have 20 grams of fat.

On top of that, SALAD DRESSING adds EVEN MORE fat. If you want to add Creamy Southwest Dressing, it's 6 more grams of fat. The Ranch Dressing has 15 grams of fat. The Creamy Caesar Dressing has 18 grams of fat. So, if you get a salad with crispy chicken and salad dressing, you could be consuming 35 grams of fat - the fat equivalent of 4 hamburgers.
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