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Best Facts of All Time - Page 3

A Rubik's cube has 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible configurations.

With 6 colored sides, 21 pieces and 54 outer surfaces, there's a combined total of over 43quintilliondifferent possible configurations. To put that into perspective: if you turned the Rubik's cube once every second it would take you1400 trillion yearsto finish to go through all the configurations.If you had started this project during the Big Bang, you still wouldn't be done yet.

Another way to think about this is, if a person had as many Rubik's cubes as there were possible configurations, they could cover the surface of the Earth 275 times. And if one considers the number of configurations you could reach by disassembling and reassembling the cube, the number would be nearly 12 times that many.(source)

In Japan they have square watermelons.

They get square watermelons by growing them inside of square glass cases. That way they can fit easily into an overcrowded refrigerator, and you can stack things on them.

Square watermelons are expensive though (10,000 yen or about $82). Compare that to regular round watermelons which cost about $15-20 in Japan.

The square boxes they're grown in are the exact dimensions of Japanese refrigerators, which means they fit perfectly. At $82 each, these square watermelons probably wouldn't be too popular in the United States. Our solution for a lack of refrigerator space? Smaller, seedless watermelons.


An elephant can die from a broken heart.

It turns out that elephants are highly emotional animals. They form close-knit relationships with one another and mourn the loss of loved ones. At times, if a fellow elephant dies, the others in the herd will gather around and pay their respects as if at a funeral.

If a baby elephant loses its mother, it will grieve. The elephant will often become withdrawn and emaciated. Other members of the herd will gather around and nurse the orphan back to life. Elephants can form deep attachments with humans too.

In one case, an elephant handler raised a baby elephant. She had to go away for a brief time to attend her daughter’s wedding. When she returned, she found that the baby elephant had died of a broken heart at her absence.


Some awesome lists!

It cost 7 million dollars to build the Titanic and 200 million to make a film about it.

The film “Titanic” was incredibly successful. It won 11 Academy Awards and launched the careers of its leads, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. In order to make such an epic film, the producers had to spend a lot of money.

Specifically, it cost $200 million. Part of the cost of the film was building a partial replica of the ship itself. The movie actually cost more than the real Titanic.

In 1910-1912 when the Titanic was being built, it cost about $7.5 million. In 1997 dollars, when the movie was made, that would be about $120-$150 million.


Racecar is a Palindrome

A palindrome is a word, phrase, number or other sequence of elements that has the same meaning read forward or backwards. The word itself comes from the Greek roots palin meaning “again” and dromos meaning “way” or “direction.”

Some examples of a palindrome would be the name “Hannah” or the word “madam.” The word “racecar” is also a palindrome. Forward or back, it still reads the same.



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