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Canned black olives are actually just chemically-treated green olives

Like tomatoes, olives change color as they ripen. They start off green, then turn red, then purple, and finally black. However, when you buy black olives, they haven't naturally ripened. Instead, they're picked when they are green and cured with dilute brine and lye solutions.

This causes the olives to oxidize and turn black. Thankfully, despite what some might expect, they aren't dyed black with chemicals but instead oxidized to turn a uniform black color.


A study asked people to write ‘door’ 30 times in 60 seconds. After, they doubted that door was a real word!

You might be familiar with déjà vu. Jamais vu is the opposite feeling to it. Jamais vu is when you experience a familiar situation but somehow feels strangely new.

At the International Conference of Memory in Sydney, Chris Moulin of Leeds University asked 92 volunteers to write out ‘door’ 30 times in 60 seconds as part of an experiment.

After they were done, 68% of people showed symptoms of jamais vu, such as beginning to doubt that ‘door’ was a real word. Dr. Moulin believes that it’s because the brain grows fatigued that this phenomenon happens.

Try it out for yourself and let us know in the comments if you ever doubt that ‘door’ is a word!


Two cats helped the Dutch Embassy in Moscow find spy microphones!

In the 1960s, two Siamese cats were asleep in the study of Henri Helb, the Dutch ambassador to Russia. Suddenly, they bounced up, arched their backs and started scratching the wall.

This was because the cats had heard the sound of the mics being turned on; a sound imperceptible to humans. Thanks to the cats, they found 30 other microphones around the embassy.

Instead of complaining to the Russians, they used the microphones to their advantage. For example, they once grumbled about how long it had taken to repair an embassy sewer. It was fixed the next morning.


Some awesome lists!

Learn why the Naked Mole Rat might be the superhero of animals!

Naked mole rats live in Africa and are a super animal. The pink skinned rats have limited white hair that criss-crosses their bodies and used as sensitive sensors that help them navigate in the pitch black tunnels underground that they live in.

These mammals, unlike all others, can go without oxygen for nine to twelve minutes, three times longer than laboratory mice. Their noses and mouths are unaffected by acid, too. These rats can live six times longer than any other rodent and barely age while they are at it. They don't get cancer and they can survive in areas with heavy metal pollution. All in all, they are real life superhero animals.


Eminem was asleep when he won an Academy Award! Why?

Eminem, though he may be controversial, fans of hip hop music claim that he is among the top rappers of all time. His lyrical ability, although graphic and profane, cannot be denied.

Eminem starred in the film '8 Mile', which he also wrote an original song for that you may have heard of - it's called "Lose Yourself". The song has become extremely popular, even among people who find rap music distasteful.

The song has been nominated for countless awards, including an Oscar for Best Original Song - which the song ended up winning. Although, Eminem was absent from the ceremony - the first time a winner of Best Original Song for that year didn't perform.

In an interview, Eminem explained that he would have felt uncomfortable at the Oscars, considering the fact his songs make fun of almost everyone he would have been sitting in the room with. Furthermore, Eminem didn't even watch the ceremony! He said he fell asleep watching cartoons with his daughter at the time because he believed he wouldn't win the award!

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