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A replica of the White House was built in Atlanta as a private home!

A replica of the White House was built in Atlanta as a private home!

Fred Milani is an Iranian-American home developer who built himself a scaled down version of the White House. It isn’t just the outside that looks like the White House, either. The interior is built to match, as well. In Milani’s oval office, he has an American and an Iranian flag.

The home sits in North Druid Hills, a few miles northeast of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. He put the home for sale at $9.88 million. He had to put it up for sale after the economy turned south. The 16,500 foot home attracts a lot of attention from tourists, but his neighbors are none too pleased with the house.

The house has a mixture of Iranian and American décor, as well as Christian religious items. Milani converted from Islam to Christianity and is now devout. His house reflects it in that he has a sanctuary within his White House and frequents it.


The shortest regularly scheduled flight in the world takes 2 minutes!

The world’s shortest scheduled airline flight (and therefore possibly the world’s most relaxing airline flight) is a 1.7 mile leap between two Orkney Islands just north of Scotland: Westray and Papa Westray. Operated by Loganair, the flight takes about 2 minutes, and can be watched from start to end in the source!

In contrast, the world’s longest scheduled airline flight is a 9,505 mile exertion from Changi International Airport to Newark Liberty airport. It’s operated by Singapore Airlines and takes about 18.5 hours. However, they are hoping to reduce the flight to 8,576 miles and a 17-hours duration.


The world actually produces enough food for everyone right now!

Although there are a number of countries where people are dying of starvation, there’s enough food to go around. If we were able to distribute calories equally, each person in the world would be able to get 2,720 calories per day!

As of 2010, there were 925 million hungry people in the world. The majority of them are in Asia and the Pacific with the next most located in Sub-Saharan African. This means that 13.1% or 1 in 7 people are hungry.

And yet, world agriculture produces 17% more calories per person today than it did 30 years ago. That means there is enough to provide each person with 2,720 calories per day, which is often even more than what a single person needs each day.

The main reason that people aren't actually getting this food is because they don't have the land to grow or income to actually purchase enough food. Poverty is the most prominent cause of hunger.


Some awesome lists!

A filmmaker has been working on a movie for 12+ years, following a kid actor as he actually grows up!

Richard Linklater runs the gamut when it comes to filmmaking. He has done animation with the film A Scanner Darkly, romance with Before Sunrise/Sunset and even mainstream comedies with Bad News Bears and School of Rock.

So it comes as no surprised that Linklater has been working on a film for the past 9 years that very few people know about. Or does it? The film in question's working title is Boyhood. Linklater began it in 2002. It follows the child of a divorced couple.

He shot small segments of the boy's life every summer for the past 9 years and plans to continue filming for 3 more years, from first grade to the start of college. The film is not a documentary though. It will feature actors, but is based on the real life of this boy.

Ethan Hawk and Patricia Arquette will play the parents while newcomer Ellar Salmon will play the central character. Linklater still has three more years to capture footage, but soon after, the film will be ready for release.

Considering such a film is unprecedented, it will be interesting to see what it holds. Meanwhile, the prodigious director continues to make other films, such as Bernie and potentially a sequel to Dazed and Confused.


In certain situations, drinking alcohol is the most effective way to save your life!

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has always been there for humanity when we've been become plagued by an assortment of illnesses. An example of this is the Swine Flu (H1N1) epidemic. Furthermore, the CDC has always been there for humanity in post apocalyptic zombie movies, because the CDC is seen as the last hope for mankind to come up with a 'cure' to a zombie plague.

Besides saving humanity from zombies, the CDC provides a few other services to humanity - such as telling the world what to do if you swallow certain poisonous chemicals on their website. One of the chemicals that the CDC discusses on their website is Ethylene Glycol, the main ingredient in anti-freeze.

As it turns out, if you were to drink Ethylene Glycol, the best thing you can do to avoid death is to drink alcohol! Why? Well, alcohol will actually SIGNIFICANTLY slow down the poisonous effect Ethylene Glycol has on the body! Drinking alcohol will add enough time on your life to make it to the hospital where you can be treated by doctors!



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