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During prohibition, the US Government killed 10,000 people because they poisoned booze!

The Prohibition Era was a time of confusion among the American people, because they were being denied a beverage that they had been drinking casually for years. Many bootleggers began selling alcohol, and they made a fortune.

In order to stop bootleggers from selling alcohol, and to stop the public from consuming it, the US government decided that they should put small doses of poison in industrial alcohols. This tactic was supposed to just make people sick, so they would stop drinking alcohol. The bootleggers however, began hiring chemists to extract the poison.

The US government went the extra mile and started added enough poison into the alcohol that it couldn't all be extracted, and, unfortunately, up to 10,000 people died as a result. Ironically, the government was trying to protect the public from the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption, and, instead, they ended up killing 10,000 of their citizens.


A beaver’s lips are located behind its teeth!

The beaver is the largest North American rodent. It spends a whole lot of its time acquiring and cutting wood. Some would say that it has been perfectly adapted to its function and aquatic environment. For one thing, its nose and ear valves shut as the animal submerges and nictitating membranes serve as goggles to protect the eyes from irritation.

Additionally, its lips are located behind its teeth so that it can carry branches around without drowning. With their strong jaws and teeth, beavers can chew through a six-inch tree in 15 minutes. A single beaver can chew down hundreds of trees each year.


The Mall of America, one of the biggest in the world, doesn’t have a heating system!

The Mall of America is a 2.5 million square foot shopping center in Bloomington, Minnesota and opened in 1992. It consists of 520 stores, two seven-story parking garages, a giant aquarium, and an amusement park!

You’d assume a structure like this had an extensive heating system but in fact, there is no heating at all! Instead, they incorporated solar skylights, which allow heat in, lighting fixtures which give off some heat. However, the key to this is the massive crowds that go to the mall, which all together bring more heat to the building than a normal mall! People even say that during the coldest winter months, the mall is so hot air conditioning units need to be turned on!


Some awesome lists!

In the original tale, Pinocchio kills the cricket and gets Geppetto in jail!

It isn't uncommon for fairy tales to have much darker original stories. Cinderella, Snow White and many other beloved fairy tales started out much scarier than their Disney versions. Pinocchio is no different it turns out. Italian author Carlo Collodi wrote the novel The Adventures of Pinocchio in Florence in the 1880s.

Today, it's a classic of children's literature. In the original story, Pinocchio is far meaner than his Disney counterpart. Not only does he kill the friendly cricket that tries to guide him (best known as Jiminy Cricket), he also has his father, Geppetto wrongfully imprisoned.

Pinocchio doesn't stop there. He goes on to ignore the advice of the ghost of the cricket to right his wrongs and steals money from Geppetto, bites off the hand of a cat and causes a snake to die from laughter.

The tale is obviously more complicated than the story that most of us know. Pinocchio continues to wreak havoc on his surroundings as the novel unfolds. It makes you wonder if this novel was really safe for children in the first place. Seems the Disney version is more appropriate.


Sean Connery angered his martial arts instructor so much, the instructor snapped his wrist!

Sean Connery, known for being the most bad ass of all the Bond's, famously broke his wrist while taking martial arts lessons for the film "Never say Never Again". Connery broke his wrist by frustrating his martial arts instructor to the point, where his instructor decided to break Connery's wrist.

Sean Connery, being the amazing human being that he is, went on for many years after breaking his wrist without seeking medical attention. Connery was under the impression that he was experiencing minor wrist pain as a result of exertion, rather than the fact his wrist was broken.

Who was the fearless bastard that broke Connery's wrist intentionally? Well, it was none other, than the very infamous, and very brave, Steven Seagal



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