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There's a bird that impales prey on barbed wire, then decorates it to attract its mate!

The Loggerhead Shrike is a passerine bird. It is the only member of the shrike family endemic to North America.

The bird has a large hooked bill; the head and back are grey and the underparts white. The wings and tail are black, with white patches on the wings and white on the outer tail feather. The black face mask extends over the bill, unlike that of the similar but slightly larger Northern Shrik.

The loggerhead shrike is in fact a small bird. It impales it's prey (often larger than it) on branches and barbed wire, and then decorates it to attract a mate. It might seem like a cute little bird but be careful, you might not want to mess with him unless you want to be it's next decoration.


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Where did the term ‘bucket list’ come from?

A bucket list is a list of tasks you wish to complete, or even things you want to experience before you die, or rather ‘kick the bucket’. This enlightening list actually derives from a very dark topic. As stated above, the term ‘bucket list’ comes from the phrase ‘kick the bucket’. So, where does that phrase come from? Well, it is believed to originate sometime in the Middle Ages, when a common form of death was execution by being hung, or even suicide.

When a person was about to die, they would kick the bucket that they were standing on from underneath their feet and die. Get it, ‘kick the bucket’? Who knew such a joyous list to come from such a depressing topic? For more info check out the source!

Some awesome lists!

Ranked by geographic size, the Roman Empire was only the nineteenth biggest ever

The Roman Empire is legendary.

From emperor Augustus to Julius Caesar, the power and reach of this Italian empire is well known. The name conjures up images of Roman soldiers spreading across the world and conquering all lands in the name of Rome.

However, when compared with other historical empires, the Roman Empire is pretty small.

In fact, when ranking all the empires in the history of the world by geographic size, the Roman Empires comes in at number 19.

Its maximum land area was 2.51 million square miles, and its maximum population was somewhere between 65 and 88 million people.

By comparison, the number one ranked empire is the British Empire with a geographic area of 13.01 million square miles and a population of 458 million people.

Other empires that surpass the Roman Empire in geographic area include the Mongol Empire, the Russian Empire, the Spanish Empire, the Qing Dynasty, and the Japanese Empire.

While these empires may have not been quite as famous as the Roman Empire (at least not in the Western world), they were more powerful in many ways.


Bill Nye, the science guy invented an improved version of ballet shoes!

Children of the 1990's know Bill Nye. They know him better as "Bill Nye the Science Guy." Wonderful were the days when a substitute wheeled a portable television in the classroom and put on an episode of "Bill Nye" for your entertainment. He was cooky and his experiments were fun. You know he wears bow-ties and a white lab coat and loves science but bet you didn't know that he has a patent pending for an updated ballet shoe.

Apparently, Bill was doing a program on muscles and tendons for his show and as part of that, visited a ballet. While there, he noticed that all the ballerina's pointy shoes were bloody. This is part of the struggle of dancing on pointe, yes, but Bill decided that ballet shoes needed an update badly. Since ballet shoes really haven't been updated in tens, maybe hundreds of year, Nye decided to create a new one. He likes his update to Nike's athletic shoes compared to the original Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers. Who knew Bill was so in to ballet?



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