No, this is not a repost. We talked about River Country before, the abandoned Disney water park in their Orlando mega-complex. However, adjacent to the park, there's another abandoned attraction called Discovery Island. 

Discovery Island was a place where you could go and observe wildlife. In fact it was originally called Treasure Island, but was renamed when it was recognized as a zoological park.

Most of the animals were relocated to Animal Kingdom, and an area in that new park was renamed Discovery Island. The original island was closed down in 1999,

This island is the reason there are stories of Disney killing vultures. Earlier, some people claimed Disney intentionally killed black vultures because they were predators to the other species in the island.

 Despite that it was considered a major bird sanctuary, including one of the largest populations of breeding Scarlet Ibis. Even the last Dusky Seaside Sparrow died there in 1987. 

In 2009 a group of young adventurers went to the island and found it almost untouched for the past decade. Their story is pretty interesting, so you should check it out here.