Ringo Starr was left handed but played a right handed drum set. He led with his left hand, though, and it contributed to his distinct style of drumming. His unique style established a new approach to rhythm in popular music and is ever growing in popularity today. His style was also pivotal in the music of The Beatles. Because of Starr, drummers began to be seen as equal contributors to the compositional aspect of music. Before, they were simply measured by their soloing ability.

Starr’s drumming is so distinct, that you can listen to the drumming alone for The Beatles songs and still know what song it is. It isn’t uncommon for drummers to list Ringo Starr as a major influence. However, in an interview, Lennon was asked if Starr was the best drummer in the world and Lennon said he wasn’t even the best drummer within their band. On their latest album, Starr had walked out and Paul McCartney had stepped in on the drums for two of the songs.