As you might expect, agricultural self sufficiency means all grown goods can be grown or are grown domestically. Agriculture in France is vital to its economy, but only takes about 4% of the labor force and 3% of the GDP.

France’s farms export more, though, than any other European nation. France is also the lead exporter in wheat, sugar, wine, and beef in Europe. They do, however, import many agricultural products, like cotton, tobacco, and vegetable oil. Though France’s number of farms has declined, the country still boasts a high number of them.

France’s most important products are cereals, industrial crops, root crops, and obviously wine. In 1999, France’s wheat crops totaled 37,009,000 tons. The oats totaled 550,000 tons, the sugar beets 15,000,000 tons, and the grapes 8,001,000 tons.