In July 1975, a sad and incredible accident happened. That day, Erskine Lawrence Ebbin was knocked off his moped and killed by a taxi in Hamilton, Bermuda. The accident is so incredulous, because it was the same taxi with the same driver and carrying the same passenger that had killed his brother, Neville, in July the previous year.

Even more incredible is that both brothers were 17 when they died, and they had both been riding the same moped in the same street. It might be weird or maybe nostalgic that Erskine was driving his dead brother Neville’s moped. Maybe they shared the moped, so it isn’t that weird. No word on whether or not there were any brothers who survived the cab driver and passenger’s random accidental moped rundown. They had to have gone to therapy for awhile, at least. It is one of the most random series of accidents out there.