While it might sound as though this ship was for military purposes, it was in fact an oil tankard, and it was so large, four football fields could be laid end to end on its deck! 

It was called the Seawise Giant and had a volume of 260,851 Gross Registered Tons. Engineers say it is unlikely another boat will ever exceed its size, unless a floating city is built, which interestingly enough will likely become a reality. The massive ship was built in 1979 by a Greek shipping magnate, yet was soon bought by C.Y. Tung, a Hong Kong shipping magnate, who expanded its size. 

The ship was operating in the Hormus Straits in 1986 when she was attacked by Iraqi jets and sunk. Although the waters weren’t extremely shallow, the ship was so large it was able to be salvaged by a Norwegian magnate and is currently in use. The ship is so large she sits in 80 feet of water and her braking distance is a whopping three and a half miles!