After a research paper was published that asserted men are more attracted with women with higher pitched voices, a group of researchers tried to prove the flipside of that: Do women use a higher pitch when they talk to men they are attracted to?

They showed women a series of photos of men that had either more masculine or more feminine faces and express which faces they preferred. They also asked them to record a message that said: ‘Hi, we met at a bar last night. I was just calling you to see if you wanted to go out sometime. Call me back,’ after showing them either a masculinized or feminized face of a man.

What they found was that women who preferred more masculine faces would use a higher pitch to record a message after being shown a masculine face, and women who preferred feminine faces would also use a higher pitch after seeing a more feminine face.

Their conclusion was that voice pitch serves as a sexual signal and women tend to use a higher pitch when talking to someone they’re attracted to!