In 1940, identical twins were born in Ohio and put up for adoption at the age of 3 weeks. Different couples adopted them, 40 miles apart from one another. Both couples were told that their son had had a twin whom had died. 

What happened after was a series of ridiculous coincidences... and parallel life choices. Both boys were independently named James by their adopted parents. Neither knew he had a twin. Both were great at math and bad at spelling. Both had childhood dogs named Toy.

Both worked as sheriffs. Both bought light blue Chevys. Both took vacations at Pas Grille beach in Florida. Both liked Miller Lite and Salem cigarettes. Both got migraines. Both married women named Linda. Both divorced their Lindas and remarried women named Betty.

Both had sons who they named James Alan, and James Allan. Finally, at age 39, a record search reunited them. And when one of the James' divorced his Betty, his brother James served as his best man for his third marriage, to a woman named Sandy.