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The eye has a blind spot in the middle of your visual field. Check it out for yourself here

A blind spot is an obscuration of the visual field. More specifically, the eye's blind spot is the place in the visual field that corresponds to the lack of light-detecting photoreceptor cells.

These photoreceptor cells are on the optic disc of the retina where the optic nerve passes through. The brain fills in information based on surrounding detail and information from the other eye so the blind spot is normally not perceived.

There is a way you can experience for yourself though. A person can look at the letters "R" and "L" about two inches apart on a screen.

These stand for Right and Left and are on the corresponding side. The person closes one of their eyes and focuses the open one on the same side's letter (e.g. if they close their right eye, they focus their left eye on the "L").

They then place their face about 6 inches away from the screen and move it forward or backward until the other letter disappears. When that happens, the person has just experienced their blindspot.

(Source)(Check out the test here)

Dolly Parton will mail kids a free book for the first 5 years of their life!

Legendary country singer, Dolly Parton, may not be known for her love of the written word, but she loves it all the same. In fact, she loves it so much that in 1996 she launched Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

The foundation’s goal was to foster a love of reading in young children who lived in Dolly’s home county in east Tennessee. It sends one age-appropriate book to the child’s home every month, ensuring that they will always have new material to read and help expand their minds.

Parton hopes that this program will show children the magic of books and ensure that, no matter what a family’s income, their children will have access to reading material. The program was so popular that in 2000 she announced that she was willing to expand it to any community that would support it locally.

Currently, over 1600 communities in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom support the program and provide books for over 700,000 children. She may be known for her country music prowess, but Dolly Parton is spreading a love of reading to children across the world.


Fruit bat mothers cry when you take their baby away

Fruit bat mothers cry when you take their baby away .

Bats sometimes get a bad rap. They’re associated with vampires, they only come out at night and there’s an urban legend that they tend to fly into people’s hair. But really they’re not that bad. Only certain types even suck blood and many, like the fruit bat, are plant eaters.

In fact, if you could hear the pitiful cries of a mother fruit bat for her young, you would probably melt. That’s right—mother fruit bats actually cry when their babies are taken away from them. .

Fruit bats are only able to have one baby a year so perhaps this accounts for their emotional reaction to separation. Or maybe they’re just like humans—the little kids just want their mom and vice versa. .

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A man built a Lamborghini from scratch in his basement. He smashed a hole through his house to get it out!

In 1989, Ken Imhoff began building a Lamborghini Countach, an Italian sports car, from scratch in his basement. For the next seventeen years, he worked for countless hours building the car. He would fail at one part and start again.

He welded and painted and measured and slowly the car began to take shape. Imhoff first wanted a Lamborghini Countach when he saw the movie "Cannonball Run," which features the car in one of its opening scenes. Not being able to afford one, he followed his father's advice and decided to build it instead.

He originally estimated that it would take him five years to finish. It ended up taking him much longer. He did, however, achieve his goal of finishing the car by his 50th birthday. Imhoff then had to knock down a wall of his basement in order to get the car out. Perhaps he should have built it in his car.

Now that he's finished the Countach, Imhoff wants to sell it. He thinks that the building was the journey, and now he's reached his destination. He'd like to pass it on to someone who would take good care of it. Any takers?


The Walking Dead has a 2.8 million dollar budget. Per episode.

The Walking Dead is a popular horror/drama television series that premiered in 2010 on AMC. It features both zombies and regular people. Both popular with audiences and critically acclaimed, The Walking Dead is now in its third season.

In the series’ first season, it had an amazing $3.4 million per episode budget. This is far more than most shows. The Walking Dead, however, strives for an authentic look and hence, uses many extras, shoots on a variety of locations and utilizes intense zombie makeup.

However, after the first season, AMC decreased the show’s per episode budget to a mere $2.8 million. Considering this is more than most people make in their lifetime, it’s probably plenty for one television episode.



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