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12 years before the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Rosa Parks was left in the rain by the same bus driver!

12 years before Rosa Park’s history-making refusal to get up, she was stopped from boarding a bus by driver James F.B Blank on a rainy spring day. He ordered her not only to sit at the back, but to board at the back door. Parks complied, but as she went around to the back door, the bus took off. That day, Parks vowed never again to ride a bus driven by Blake.

12 years later, Parks was sitting in the frontmost row for black people when a Caucasian man boarded the bus and the driver told everyone in her row to move back. Parks suddenly realized that she was again in the bus driven by Blake and decided that she would not let history repeat itself. She stayed put and you know the rest…


Those rounded bumps on the painted lane dividers have a special name!

We see them every day but only know them as “the round bumps on the painted lane dividers that make noise and make my car feel funny when I drive over them”.

Well, good news for you is that you are about to learn their real name. Are you ready? Botts’ dots!Botts’ dots are those round non-reflective raised pavement markers you tend to see at most of the roads you tend to travel in your car every day.

They are named after their creator; Dr. Elbert Dysart Botts, who created these so that they could be used along with reflective, raised pavement markers, to mark lanes on highways and certain roads!

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When The Red Baron died, his enemies held a great funeral for him!

Manfred Albrecth Freiherr von Richtofen, better known as “The Red Baron” was a German pilot and soldier during World War I. He is amongst the greatest was pilots in History! He is considered the top ace of World War I since he won 80 air combat victories!

The Red Baron was shot down and killed near Amiens, France on 1918. And even though there are many theories about his death and last combat one thing is surely known: His enemies held a great funeral ceremony for him! He was buried at a cemetery at a village near Amiens, and six officers served as pallbearers, and a guard of honor from the squadron’s other ranks fired a salute.

In one of his memorial wreaths someone even wrote “To our Gallant, and Worthy Foe”!


Termites eat through wood faster while listening to rock music!

We all get a little pumped up after blasting ACDC while driving down the highway - how can you resist such a powerful sensation? According to a study done by Dr Trenchard Bowelson (the name sounds made up but it isn't), termites can't resist the power of rock either!

In fact, if termites are chewing through wood in the presence of rock music, they will actually eat through the wood twice as fast as they normally would have! Termites just can't resist rocking out - nobody can. Click the source to read the full report done by Dr. Trenchard Bowelson


15 Unbelievable Beauty Secrets From Around The World

In the small Asian nation of Tajikistan, the unibrow is considered a highly attractive feature in women!

There is actually a medical term for having a unibrow called synophrys. In the West, the unibrow is considered very unattractive and becomes the brunt of the joke. In Tajikistan, a small Asian country, the unibrow is celebrated in full.

Women and girls let their unibrow grow thick. It is considered highly attractive on them. Those who can’t grow a unibrow naturally will use an herbal remedy to fake it. Usma, a leafy green herb, is sold in all Tajik markets. You can get a small bunch for about six cents.

The process is simple but effective. Take a bunch of usma and let it dry in the sun for a couple hours, and then grind up the leaves until a dark green goo seeps out. Dip a branch of usma, or a matchstick into the goo and smear it on your eyebrows, making sure, of course, to color the space in between.

Leave on for 15 minutes, and repeat the smearing process one or two more times. The result is a deep black unibrow, rich and expressive. What women do for beauty.



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