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The T-Rex lived closer in time to us than to the Stegosaurus!

Dinosaurs, one of people’s favorite animals ever. I wonder if they would still be amongst the favorites if they were still around.

We all saw Jurassic Park and realized that these creatures were not only huge and scary, but were also amazing! It would’ve been fun to see their conducts and how their lifestyle was.

However, you might’ve seen all kind of dinosaurs together in that movie, but there was a time in which only certain type of dinosaurs habited Earth, and therefore lived longer than others! The T-Rex and Stegosaurus would be the perfect example.

The Stegosaurus has been reported to have appeared 156 million years ago, while the T-Rex appeared 67 million years ago! Just so you get an idea; the difference in time between when Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus lived is greater than the difference in time between Tyrannosaurus Rex and now!

Apparently the T-Rex in fact was one of the unluckiest animals ever; short arms and short life span on Earth. Poor, poor, poor T-Rex. We still think you are awesome though!


Candles in space burn with a spherical, nearly invisible blue flame!

Microgravity provides an environment that lacks buoyant convection, which normally plays an important role in maintaining and shaping a flame on earth. In earth’s gravity, buoyant convection develops when hot, less dense combustion products rise.

The flow that results draws cooler surrounding air to the base of the flame, supplying it with the oxidizer that the flame requires to maintain itself. Combustion products are carried away from the flame by the same convective flow, which is the dominant transport mechanism in the flame.

In microgravity, however, the process is not the same. There is no buoyant convection, and the transport of combustion products and oxygen occurs by the much slower process of molecular diffusion. This diffusion occurs when there is a high concentration of combustion products and a low concentration of oxygen close to the flame and a high concentration of oxygen farther away from the flame.

The combustion products migrate away from the flame and the oxygen migrates toward the flame. The diffusive transport rates in microgravity are much lower than the transport rates due to natural convection in earth’s gravity.

As a result, a flame in microgravity will often appear to burn less vigorously than a flame on Earth, and it will assume a spherical shape that diffuses equally in all directions, rather than the more elongated shape that is characteristic of flames in earth’s gravity.


15 Facts That May Change The Way You Look At Food

Twinkies have beef fat in them!

Twinkies are famous for being unhealthy (and delicious). They're also known for their long shelf life due to their many preservatives. If you're eating a Twinkie, it's not for the health benefits. But what is actually in a Twinkie? You might be surprised.

Apart from enriched flour, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and partially hydrogenated oils, Twinkies also contain beef fat. Vegetarians beware! One Twinkie contains 2.5 grams of saturated fat, which is 13% of the daily recommended fat intake based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet.

Overall, a Twinkie is 42% sugars, 21% complex carbohydrates and 11% fat by weight. As far as the urban legend that claims that Twinkies can last months or even years on the shelf, this false. Although it does last longer than other types of food due to the preservatives and the way it is made.

A Twinkie can usually last 7-10 days on the shelf but can sometimes be safe for 25 days or more. Conclusion? You wouldn't want to stock your bomb shelter with them because not only would they not provide any nutritional benefit but they wouldn't last very long either.


Kim-Jong-Un's older brother was going to be North Korea's dictator until he went to Disneyland!

Even evil dictators have family whose dreams are of going to Disneyland. North Korean's dictator Kim Jong-Un wasn't supposed to be the dictator. Until 2001 his older half brother Kim Jong-nam had been the favorite to succeed their father. Unfortunately Jong-nam had a soft spot for Disneyland.

He faked a passport to get into Japan and visit Disneyland Tokyo. He was caught, got in big trouble, and lost his seat as the next dictator. It is kind of a creepy thought: To have the North Korean dictator running around Disneyland with your kids riding rides with them.

That isn't a Disneyland the rest of us would want to be at. His dreams were crushed and he never went to the happiest place on earth. Now he'll never know happiness and we get to deal with Kim Jong-un.


The founder of the Boy Scouts was also a spy!

Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell (seems like everybody back then liked long names), was a lieutenant-general in the British Army. He was also the founder of the Scout Movement!

And not only that; this man also worked as an intelligence officer for the Mediterranean for the Director of Military Intelligence, in other words, HE WAS A SPY!

He would pretend to be a stupid and absentminded tourist. He would constantly travelled disguised as a butterfly collector, which allowed him to incorporate plans of military installations into his drawings of butterfly wings.

It’s hard to believe that the man who founded the scout movement was also a spy, however this only comes to show how great of a lieutenant and leader he was.So next time you hear a little boy/girl scout knocking on your door trying to sell you some cookies, you better buy them some cookies in honor to this great man!



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