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After one sheep in Turkey randomly decided to jump off a cliff to its death, 1500 others followed!

In 2005, Turkish shepherds had left their herd to graze while they had breakfast. Then, one sheep decided to jump off a cliff, to it's death. As sheep are natural followers, 1,500 others followed, each blindly leaping off the cliff.

However, only 450 animals died because the ones who jumped off later fell atop the fluffy cushions that were the dead sheep. While it may be easy to laugh at this and dismiss it as “baaaaad” luck, the truth is that it was a huge economical blow the shepherds. The estimated loss to the families topped $100,000, a significant portion in a country where average GDP per head is around $2,700. .


Elmer Fudd originally just wanted to shoot photos of Bugs Bunny!

Elmer Fudd made his debut in 1940 through the cartoon Elmer’s Candid Camera directed by Chuck Jones. He goes to the countryside to take photographs of the wildlife.

He tries to photograph Happy Rabbit, now known as Bugs Bunny, but Happy Rabbit decides it is really fun to harass Elmer and be a nuisance.

Elmer is tormented to the point that he goes insane and he becomes suicidal. He jumps into a lake to drown himself. Happy, being the good rabbit that he is, jumps in and saves Elmer from drowning.

He makes sure Elmer is safe and sound and then kicks him back into the lake. So, maybe he isn’t such a good rabbit. Happy then threw Elmer’s photography book on his head whilst Elmer was in the water still and the cartoon ends.

It’s no wonder Elmer Fudd is always trying to kill Bugs Bunny, but what kind of cartoon for children shows a suicidal man running around with a gun? It just doesn’t seem terribly healthy.


Rapper Tupac Shakur named his publishing company after a terminally ill boy

Rapper Tupac Shakur was not known for being a warm and fuzzy guy. Like many rappers, he presented a tough exterior and often wrote angry lyrics. And everyone knows the tragedy of his death—he was violently shot. However, behind Shakur’s grizzled reputation was a caring man.

At least we can assume that from Shakur’s interactions with a young boy named Joshua. In 1993, Shakur received a letter from Joshua’s parents. It explained that Joshua was terminally ill. .

Joshua’s dying wish was to meet Shakur, and his parents asked if Shakur could make this dream come true. Shakur flew to Maryland to meet Joshua and grant this wish. Sadly, Joshua died soon after. After his death, Shakur changed the name of his publishing company from Ghetto Gospel Music to Joshua’s Dream.


The rough-skinned newt is in an arms race that has turned it into the most poisonous animal in North America!

Most people would guess some sort of snake or spider is the most poisonous animal in North America, but it is actually the rough-skinned newt, and there is a very specific reason why!

While humans have known about newts for thousands of years, it was not until the 1960’s that their poisonous aspects were given serious consideration after three hunters were found dead with a newt in their coffee pot.

The newt is native to the West Coast of the United States, where garter snakes are plentiful. Garter snakes are the natural predator of rough-skinned newts, and while their poison seems to kill just about everything else, there is for some reason a strange resistance among garter snakes.

The reason? Evolution. Think about it as a sort of animal evolutionary arms race. The newt’s eggs are threatened by predators so they inject massive amounts of TTX, or tetrodotoxin, which is the poison newts posses, into their larvae so any predator dies immediately after eating them.

However, garter snakes have commonly fed on newt eggs, so while the newts continue to inject more and more poison, the garter snake has developed more and more immunities against it!

In a way, the newt is pushing the snake to become more immune to TTX and the snake is pushing the newt to become more and more poisonous!


There’s a woman mayor who is 92 and has held office for 35 years!

Hazel McCallion, dubbed “Hurricane Hazel” by her supporters, has held the office of mayor of Mississauga, Ontario since 1978! Born in 1921, Hazel is one of the longest serving elected leaders in history, recently being reelected to her 12th consecutive term!

In the late 70’s when Hazel took office, she faced a series of difficult tests, yet each time proved herself to be as tough and determined as any man could hope to be! In 1979, there was a train derailment, which spilled a mess of toxic chemicals and resulted in a huge explosion.

By the next day Hazel had already ordered parts of her city to evacuate, which is no easy task. She personally oversaw the transportation of over 218,000 people, all with not a single injury, making it the largest and most successful North American evacuation exercise to date!

After this incident there was nothing that could deter Hazel’s supports. Another story that exemplifies her no-nonsense attitude was when she received news of a person attempting to commit suicide and was asked for help.

She arrived on the scene and bluntly told the man to get down so emergency crews could do more worthwhile crises. The man was so shocked he immediately calmed down and surrendered to police!

Let’s hope Hazel continues to accomplish great things event at the age of 92!



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