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The author of 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus' got his degree form a discredited university, and divorced his first wife!

John Gray is famous for his bestselling book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus." It sold millions of copies but was also criticized by relationship experts. Gray is also a relationship counselor and lecturer. He went on to publish "Mars and Venus in Love," "Mars and Venus on a Date," "Mars and Venus Starting Over" and a number of other titles.

It isn't clear whether Gray received his masters degree in the Science of Creative Intelligence from the unaccredited Maharishi European Research University or the accredited Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa. He received his PhD in 1982 from Columbia Pacific University. The university is now unaccredited and defunct.

Gray married fellow self-help author Barbara De Angelis, but they divorced in 1984. Two years later, he married his current wife, Bonnie.


Next to humans, leafcutter ants form the largest and most complex animal society on Earth!

Far and away, humans have the most complex society. No other animal on earth comes close. If you had to guess what animal comes next closest to ours, you may guess the ultra-intelligent dolphins or some species of wild dog or cat. You may be surprised to know that the next most complex animal society is that of leafcutter ants.

There are 47 species of leafcutter ants. These tropical, fungus-growing ants can be found in southern areas of the US, Mexico, Central America and South America. They cut and process vegetation such as flowers, leaves and grass. And they're societies are so productive that, in a matter of years, their underground nests can grow to 98 feet across!

Smaller mounds that radiate from the main nest can have a radius of nearly 260 feet. The entire nest's area ranges from 30 to 600 square feet. And it contains millions of ants. Within the nest, the colony is divided up into castes with different ants performing different tasks. There are usually four castes in established colonies: Minims, minors, mediae and majors.


Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith is often mistaken for Will Ferrell!

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith has been mistaken for movie star and comedian Will Ferrell a number of times. While he doesn't see the resemblance himself, many people tell him that he looks like the famous funny man. In fact, Smith often finds it easier to just go along with it.

He notes that, often someone will recognize him in public as the drummer of his famous band and will ask him to take a picture, sign an autograph, etc. Then, someone else will notice this display of fame and think that he's Will Ferrell. When he tries to explain that he is not, they often don't believe him.

The two men only met once. It was at the movie premier of Ladies Man in 2000. They were both grabbing some food after the showing and ended up next to each other in line. While Smith was thinking how much he didn't look like Ferrell, Ferrell turned around and simply proclaimed "you're very handsome." Smith recalls that he said it totally deadpan, and admits that it was pretty funny.


The Nazis had a picture of 'The Ideal German Soldier.' He was a Jew!

Werner Goldberg was a German who had Jewish ancestry. Goldberg's father grew up in the Jewish community but was baptized in the Lutheran church. He then married a Christian girl. Despite this, he lost his job under the Nazi Law of 1933.

Despite these Jewish roots, in December 1938, Goldberg joined the Nazi army. He took part in the invasion of Poland. Shortly after the war started, Goldberg's photograph appeared in the newspaper Berline Tageblatt under the caption "The Ideal German Soldier." The photo was sold to the newspaper by the official army photographer. It was later also used on recruitment posters.

In 1940, Goldberg was expelled from the army after Hitler's order of April 8, 1940 that didn't allow any soldiers with Jewish heritage to serve. Despite the Nazi's attempts to imprison his father, Goldberg was able to keep him out of their hands, and he was the only member of Goldberg's family to survive the war. Goldberg's story was part of a 2006 documentary "Hitler's Jewish Soldiers."


15 Surprising Facts About The Wizard of Oz

In the sequel to Wizard of Oz, Dorothy goes into a mental hospital because no one believes her story!

It’s called “Return to Oz” and not surprisingly was much less successful than the original. The story goes that six months after returning, Dorothy has trouble sleeping and is obsessed with her adventures from Oz. Her aunt and uncle are extremely disturbed because they see their niece as closer to insane than creative.

They take Dorothy to a doctor where she is treated by various techniques, including electric shock therapy, before she almost drowns and wakes up in Oz once again. Oz is in ruins and a war of sorts is going on. Dorothy and a fellow mental patient traverse the lands and meet a host of new characters before setting things right and returning to Kansas.

The movie received mixed reviews, but was generally labeled as more dark and creepy. However, like most strange movies, it has since gained a cult following.



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