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Caffeine makes you more open-minded to viewpoints that contradict your own

You know that caffeine wakes you up. Some people can't make it through the morning without their daily cup (or two, or three) of coffee. It turns out that coffee does more than that though. It may make you more amenable to persuasion.

Researches have found that caffeine primes the brain to agree with statements that it typically does not support because it improves the brain's ability to understand the logic behind these arguments.

So this happens because the brain is revved up not because caffeine generally boosts your mood. Researchers also found that the more distracted the caffeinated subjects were, the less likely they were to alter their views because they weren't focusing on the argument.


Ancient Romans would sell themselves into slavery rather than pay taxes

No one likes taxes. Alright maybe the government likes them, but they're basically the only ones. Everyone else would rather keep their money and dread the process of filing their taxes and tax returns. Alas, taxes keep our countries running, though so we can't very well escape them entirely.

The ancient Romans had a different view though. They found taxes so deplorable that they would rather give up their personal freedom than pay them. In Rome, taxes were gathered to pay the salaries of the military and imperial guard. Workers were tied to their land and compelled to pay taxes.

In order to avoid this, some small landowners would sell themselves in slavery. Slaves didn't have to pay taxes. This became somewhat of a common tax-evasion tactic. So much so that Emperor Valens made it illegal to sell oneself into slavery.


The greatest living flying ace is 95, had 222 air kills, and was shot down 16 times!

Born in 1917, Major Erich Rudorffer is a German who was a Luftwaffe fighter ace during World War II. He served the Germans for the entire war, which only a handful could say they did. Rudorffer is the 7th most successful fighter pilot in the history of air warfare.

He is currently the oldest jet fighter ace and the most successful fighting ace alive. He claimes 222 air kills and fought in all the major German theaters of war.

He flew more than 1000 combat missions during World War II and was engaged in aerial combat over 300 times. He himself was shot down 16 times and had to use his parachute 9 times.

He flew for Australia and later PAN-AM after the war. He then became a flight instructor in Germany in the late 1960s. In the 1970s he owned a gas station and he likely didn’t return to flying after that.


The most amazing gentleman’s duel ever was held on hot air balloons!

Throughout history men have participated in duels to settle just about everything you could think of, and while they are usually performed standing across from each other, there have been some strange ones.

Perhaps none is stranger than the duel that occurred in Paris in two hot air balloons! The story goes that two men quarreled over who would win the heart of a Mademoiselle Tirevit.

The event occurred in 1808, when the hot air balloon was still extremely popular among the elite in France, and so, pun intended, the men decided to take it to the air because both were of “elevated minds.”

They ascended into the air 900 yards, and stopping at this height, they then shot in turn at each other’s balloon. One of the balloons was hit on the second volley and quickly fell before crashing into Parisian rooftops, killing the dueler.

The victor claimed the heart of his mademoiselle and made history. To this day, this remains one of the strangest duels in history!


7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Hockey

An average professional hockey player loses 7 pounds in one game!

Hockey players are on the ice for only one minute shifts. The workout of the game is one of the most intense in professional sports. Players say that the time on the ice is spent holding their breath. They are pushing and shoving so much that they feel they exhale almost the whole time they are on the ice. 

Players don’t have time off in the off-season like they used to, either. The sport is so demanding that they do everything possible to stay in shape. Players can lose from 5 to 8 pounds in a single game. Of course most of the loss is water weight, but it causes the players to be very conscious of the amount of their fluid intake.

Goalies don’t make it to the bench as much as other players and can lose as much weight as a forward or defenseman. They began putting water bottles on top of the goals. Sometimes, the water bottles move when goals are made, and judges and announcers have actually used this more than once to determine if a goal counted or not!



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