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Despite what you might have heard, brain cells can actually regenerate!

It is a commonly accepted myth that once a brain cell is killed-it’s gone forever, and the number of brain cells you have has forever been depleted. But don’t feel bad if you were one of the people who believed this-it was the belief of the scientific community until about 1998.

Scientists at the Sweden and the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California found that the memory and learning center in the brain create new cells when required and that complex brains are not disrupted by new cell growth. This discovery gives hope for cures to illness like Alzheimer’s which kill brain cells.


A woman sat on her boyfriend's toilet for 2 years!

Yes, continuously. Ness County Sherriff Bryan Whipple was called by a man who reported that something was wrong with his girlfriend. Said girlfriend had been sitting on her boyfriend’s toilet seat for song long that her skin had grown around the seat. She initially refused emergency medical services but was finally convinced by responders and her boyfriend that she needed to be hospitalized.

The boyfriend told investigators that he brought his girlfriend food and water and asked her every day to come out of the bathroom, and her reply would always be “maybe tomorrow.” However, he did not explain why it took him 2 years report this.

According to a family friend who had not seen the woman in 6 years, she had a difficult childhood after her mother died at a young age and preferred to stay indoors. The friend commented about the 2 year occupation of the toilet seat by saying; “It really doesn’t surprise. What surprises me is that somebody wasn’t called in a bit earlier.


Learn the difference between Jam and Jelly!

Most of us can infer from their names that jam and jelly are not the same-we may even have a preference. But what’s not common knowledge is what exactly the difference is between jam and jelly. It turns out that jam is cooked crushed fruit (with sugar of course) while jelly is gelantinized fruit juice (with sugar of course).

A close cousin of jam and jelly is also conserve. Conserve is a whole fruit jam made from one or many fruits cooked with sugar. Conserve making beats out jam or jelly making in terms of difficulty as the fruits must remain in their whole shape through the cooking process.


15 Little-Known Facts About the US Government

One of the plans to get rid of Fidel Castro was to claim he was the Anti-Christ!

Major General Edward Geary Lansdale was a bit of an oddball, and is most notable for his sacreligious plan to overthrow Fidel Castro. The plan had a few different components to it. The first was that the American military would somehow spread word that the Second Coming of Christ was imminent.

After that was established, the second part of the plan was to proclaim that Christ was against Castro who was the anti-Christ. More importantly, the military planned on spreading around a specific date of the Second Coming.

Next, the military would set up a submarine just outside of Cuba that would launch star-shells (essentially giant flares that can illuminate the night sky). On the day of the "Second Coming" the submarine would launch Star-shells at the same time an American plane hidden behind the clouds would broadcast messages in the voice of Jesus, whatever that may be.

At the sight of all these extraordinary events, the Cuban people would then be expected to overthrow Castro fearing that they would be doomed to eternity in hell if they disobeyed Christ during his Second Coming.

The plan never went through because although it was seen as a genius ploy, the government also calculated the success rate to be virtually zero. Read the full story here!


Many Asian cultures have 'weretigers' instead of werewolves!

Instead of a werewolf, many Asian cultures have a mythical beast called a weretiger in their mythology. There are several ways you can turn into a weretiger depending on who you ask. In China, weretigers are the victims of vengeful ghosts or curse passed down through the family line.

In Thailand, the process is sort of reversed; if a tiger has eaten many people, it adopts human tendencies, and becomes a weretiger that way. Some also believe that powerful magicians can change themselves into weretigers at will if they so desire.

Because in many mythologies an entire family line can be weretigers, some believe that there are entire villages made up exclusively of weretigers. Legend has it that contact outside the village is not prohibited but unfortunate; if a weretiger living in a village falls in love with a human, the human must severe ties with his/her previous world and become a community member.



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