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The longest Tennis point ever played lasted for 29 minutes and 643 shots!

On September 24, 1984 Vicki Nelson and Jean Hepner, at the time ranked 93 and 172 in the world, engaged in what is still the longest point played in a professional tennis match.

This whopper of a point lasted for 29 minutes and 643 exchanged shots between the two of them. The match itself lasted for 6 hours and 31 minutes which was the longest match ever played for over 20 years. It still hold the record for being the longest match completed on the same day.


The plants used to make beer and marijuana are in the same botanical family!

Believe it or not you can pretty much say that both these plants are family!Cannabaceae is the scientific name that is given to this family of plants which include more de 170 species grouped in about 11 genera.

The Cannabacea family includes many plants, in which Cannabis (hemp/weed), Humulus (hops) and Celtis (hackberries) are included. And many of these plants have been used for ritual/medicinal purposes in China since 494 B.C!

Hop is currently used in the production of beer because of it's aromatic substances, while different subspecies of hemp are cultivated for the production of fiber, as a source of cheap oil, for the nutritious seeds or for medical cannabis!


The famous British guards with the tall hats are actually trained soldiers equipped with machine guns!

The red jacked and weird hat wearing men and women who stand in the Sentry Box outside of Buckingham Place are from any of the 5 regiments of Foot Guards (Grenadier Guards, Coldstream Guards, Welsh Guards, Irish Guards, and Scots Guards). Only half of their job is standing emotionless outside of the Queen’s other palace, the other half is actively serving in the military.

Thus, they serve both a decorating and defensive role. However, even when they are acting as guards, they are prepared for a flight. Originally, they carried ceremonial guns but now they are all equipped with machine guns.


15 Sex Facts You'll Thank Us For

Some places in Europe have Drive-In sex boxes so you don't disturb the neighborhood.

Having sex in a car can be awkward if you get caught. To prevent this awkwardness, some European cities have created drive in "Sex Boxes." They're basically parking spaces that have walls covering up the car so you can go along your business without disturbing the neighbors.

The idea seems to have originated in Germany, but Zurich has recently proposed building them there too, so that prostitutes can work in a more discrete way. There are a lot of homes in Zurich that overlook the red light district. The police thinks they can't get rid of prostitution, but they can at least control it.


There's an alcoholic beverage made out of a real seagull!

It seems like humans will do anything for a quick booze fix. Take the Seagull Wine for example. Made by the Inuit of the Arctic Circle, it's a beverage made by shoving a dead seagull inside a bottle of water! The dead bird is then left outside in the sun so that it can ferment.

That's far from the only strange concoction that humans will make for a booze fix. In England there's a brand of vodka called Skorppio. As you may guess, the company adds a farm-raised scorpion to every bottle.

In China, a baby mouse is drowned in a vat full of wine and then ferments for a year. The wine itself is reportedly nasty, but apparently people there believe that drinking the wine and swallowing the mouse at the end will cure liver problems, skin conditions and even asthma.

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