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Warner Bros donates royalties from Taz to help save the real Tasmanian Devils from a disease that's decimating them!

Warner Bros' Taz Devil character is well known. He is a whirling dervish of kicked up dirt and incomprehensible sounds, and while he may not be as beloved as Bugs Bunny, viewers are quite fond of him. These viewers would be just as fond of Warner Bros itself if they knew the strides they took to save actual Tasmanian Devils from extinction.

For many years, the Tasmanian government tried to persuade Warner Bros to fund research on Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour Disease. The government argued that, since Warner Bros was making so much money off of the Taz Devil character (not only the cartoon but on many licensed Taz Devil products, such as toys), they should help protect the inspiration for the character. And the disease was threatening the Tasmanian Devil population.

Finally, Warner Bros agreed to license the character to the Tasmanian government so they could fundraise by selling Taz Devil toys, They also agreed to donate $1 from each sale of a new range of Looney Tunes DVDs coming out. Hopefully, with the help of the creators of Taz Devil, the actual Tasmanian Devils can be saved.


Cats Sleep For 70 Percent of Their Lives

We all wish we could sleep our days away sometimes. Who doesn't love the occasional long, lazy nap or sleeping in on the weekends? Cats, however, take this penchant for sleep to a whole new level. If you have a cat, you know they spend the majority of their time lounging about, basking in the sun, or sleeping out of sight. There is a reason they call it a "cat nap."

However, humans don't often realize just how much cats sleep. Cats actually sleep 70% of their lives, which equates to about 16 hours a day. They sleep more than any other mammal besides bats and opossums. There are a number of reasons that cats sleep so much.

As natural predators with few enemies, they can afford to sleep a lot. Also, the need for sleep increases proportionally to the amount of energy required. When cats are actually hunting (or pouncing on that toy mouse you leave out for them), they use enormous amounts of energy. So all that sleep is for something.


JFK purchased 1200 Cuban cigars before signing the trade embargo 51 years ago

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed the trade embargo against Cuba. This effectively shut down trade between the US and Cuba because of Cuba's repressive form of government. It is still in effect today. However, Kennedy didn't sign it before he was able to secure some Cuban goods of his own.

The night before Kennedy signed the trade embargo, he asked his head of press, Pierre Salinger, to secure 1200 Cuban cigars for him. Salinger was successful, and Kennedy got his cigars before the embargo went into effect. Wonder if any of those are left over.


The Domincan Republic offered to take in 100,000 Jewish refugees in 1938!

The Jewish people that had escaped from Germany had nowhere to turn, because most countries were unwilling to take in so many refugees. Dominican Republic however, offered to take in 100,000 Jews, but why?

Rafael Trujillo, a Dominican Republic leader, wanted Western Nations to forget the fact that he had massacred 25,000 of his own citizens in 1937 – the year before he offered to take in so many refugees.

Rafael Trujillo is also believed to have wanted his countries inhabitants to have ‘whiter’ skin, and believed the refugees would come to his country and marry the women and produce lighter skinned children – and they did.

Only 5,000 Jews accepted visas to go to the Dominican Republic, and of those 5,000 visas that were given out, only 645 Jews actually made it to the Dominican Republic. The Jews that did make it were given 80 acres of farm land, 10 cows, a mule and a horse.

Many of the refugees that decided to stay in the Dominican Republic have become extremely wealthy! Click the source to learn this story’s happy endings.


7 Powerfully Inspiring Stories of Hope After 9/11

After 9/11, a Masai tribe gave America 14 cows!

Nine months after 9/11, an American diplomat visits a small Kenyan village. He was there to accept a gift from the Masai people to America. The gift? 14 cows. 

I understand you may be thinking that this is completely insignificant, but to the villagers, cows hold a very special meaning. Milk, beef and the occasional serving of cow’s blood are the cornerstones of their diet.

A person’s wealth can be measured by the amount of cows they own, and cows are a major part of their religion. Because of their major significance, the gift had a major impact when announced and hit headlines worldwide. 

The cows still live in Kenya and have since bred and became 35. They are tended to by one of the village elders and live amongst his herd. The American cows are distinguished from the others by an earmark of two bars, representing the twin towers. 

This story of compassion crossing cultures has since been turned into a children’s book, ‘14 Cows For America’. The book is popular with parents wanting to teach their children about 9/11 without upsetting them with the death and disaster. 



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