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Jarome Iginla donates $2,000 to charity for every goal he scores. He's got over 500!

Good guy Jarome Iginla is a professional hockey player for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Iginla is from Canada and played for the Calgary Flames where he was their captain for nine seasons.

He's a six time NHL All-Star and he scored 50 goals in a season on two occasions and is one of seven players in NHL history to score 30 goals in 11 consecutive seasons. Throughout his career he has scored 500 goals and he gives $2,000 per goal that he makes to the children's charity Kidsport. He has represented Canada internationally on many occasions and is a three time Olympian and a two time gold medalist.


A newly discovered temple in Turkey means Mesopotamians might not have been the first civilization!

Gobekli Tepe is an archaeological site in southern Turkey that made headlines in 2011. It is believed to have been built some 11,600 years ago. It is the oldest known example of monumental architecture, which means it is the first structure more built more sophisticated by humans than a hut. It is believed to be older than the Mesopotamian ruins. Huge temples were built with flint tools and mortared clay.

They built huge pillars and walls.The pillars were big—the tallest are 18 feet in height and weigh 16 tons, yet they were set only 15 inches into the ground, where they were fixed with clay and stone. When a new temple was built, the old one was burned down.

It is unclear what the temples were actually used for, but findings suggest animal sacrifices were common. Large carvings of animals were located at the entrance of the temples. The nearest river at the time of the Gobekli Tepe was three miles away, begging the question as to how workers and laborers got their water.

It is possible that children retrieved the water and brought it to the temples. Anyways, the whole finding is fascinating and changes what we thought we knew about the earliest civilizations.


An explorer got so sick, that he became an exhibit so he could pay for his food!

David Livingstone was a Scottish explorer who traveled to Africa as a pioneer medical missionary.During an expedition, Livingstone’s assistants abandoned him. They returned to the city and informed authorities that Livingstone was dead!

By the time he crossed lakes, swamps and various plains, Livingstone’s supplies were low and most of them had been stolen. After two years he became extremely ill, he was saved by Arab traders who gave him medicine and carried him to an Arab outpost.

After arriving with cholera, tropical ulcers and no supplies to his next destination, he had to eat his meals in a roped off open enclosure for the entertainment of the locals in return for food!

He finally died from malaria and internal bleeding caused by Dysentery.When it comes to your life, you will most likely be willing to do anything in order to stay alive. David Livingstone is a great hero, he fought for his ideals and he kept helping people even through his worst times. There is a lot you can learn from this man.


15 Sinister Facts About The Origins Of Nursery Rhymes! This Will Scare Any Child Into Behaving!

During prohibition, the US Government killed 10,000 people because they poisoned booze!

The Prohibition Era was a time of confusion among the American people, because they were being denied a beverage that they had been drinking casually for years. Many bootleggers began selling alcohol, and they made a fortune.

In order to stop bootleggers from selling alcohol, and to stop the public from consuming it, the US government decided that they should put small doses of poison in industrial alcohols. This tactic was supposed to just make people sick, so they would stop drinking alcohol. The bootleggers however, began hiring chemists to extract the poison.

The US government went the extra mile and started added enough poison into the alcohol that it couldn't all be extracted, and, unfortunately, up to 10,000 people died as a result. Ironically, the government was trying to protect the public from the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption, and, instead, they ended up killing 10,000 of their citizens.



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