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Disney almost cut a song from Lion King. That song won an Oscar!

Disney’s “The Lion King” came out in 1994 and was a huge success. It remains to this day the most profitable traditionally animated film ever released by Disney. It was re-released in 2011 to ensure that a whole new generation would enjoy it. Along with an entertaining story, “The Lion King” has some great songs.

One such song is the famous “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” which features Simba and Nala singing to each other about their love in the jungle. Originally, this song was going to be humorously sung by Simba’s friends, Timon and Pumbaa – the Meer cat and wart hog. This version was even recorded and storyboarded.

Eventually, the final, more romantic version of the song was used. However, this version was almost cut from the film altogether. Elton John, who handled much of the soundtrack, had to personally campaign to keep the song in the film. It went on to win an Oscar so looks like it was a pretty good decision.


The word 'dinner' used to mean breakfast!

The English word “dinner” originates from the French word “disnar,” which means breakfast. Back in the day, dinner was the name for the first meal of the day, which was eat at around noon. It was also meant to be the biggest meal of the day. The lighter meal that followed it in the evening was called “supper.”

Eventually, we began to add more and more meals to our schedule. People began eating meals before the large noon meal. Rather than calling these earlier meals dinner, dinner now only meant the largest meal of the day. Since a night-long fast is being broken with the first meal of the day, it was labelled “breakfast.” Over time, in many cultures that used these words to describe their meals, the largest meal of the day was gradually pushed later and later in the day, until it was had when we used to have supper.


A set of deadly intentional fires in the 80s and 90s were started by the agent in charge of investigating them!

The first fire was set in a hardware store in Pasadena in 1984. Four people died including a 2 year old child. It was first said to be set by an electrical fire and then the arson investigator, John Orr, came in and insisted it was an arson job.

A series of suspicious fires followed the Pasadena fire throughout southern California through the 1980s and early 1990s. Orr continued to be the arson investigator in the fires. In 1990 some fire squads met and spoke about the fires. The meeting produced a fingerprint that matched Orr. He was bugged and considered a serious arson suspect.

Then in 1991 Orr was found at a suspicious fire and the investigation was decided to be suspended and a warrant for his arrest was issued. He was arrested and found guilty of arson. He is in prison with a lifetime sentence.


The singer of Johnny B. Goode still performs live. He's 86!

Chuck Berry is an American guitarist, singer, and pioneer of rock and roll music who isn’t about to retire just because of his age. His hit songs include Maybellene, Roll Over Beethoven, and Johnny B. Goode. At the age of 81, he toured Europe with stops in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the United Kingdom, etc.

During a New Year’s Day concert in 2011 in Chicago, Chuck Berry really brought it. He suffered from exhaustion, passed out and had to be helped off the stage and taken to the hospital. But, did that stop him? Well, currently at the age of 86, he usually performs live on Wednesday each month at Blueberry Hill.


A burger called the McLobster is sold by McDonalds in Maritime Canada!

The McLobster is the McDonald’s delicacy, only sold along the eastern coast of Canada during the summer. It consists of lobster (surprise, surprise), diced celery, and light salad dress squeezed between two soft rolls.

The McLobster is getting more and more famous as the years go by. In 2011, Maritimers and tourists got their claws on twice as many McLobsters as they usually do.

However, this spike may curb in coming years. Many lobster boat owners have complained that the low price of lobster makes the industry a futile one to pursue. Raising the price of the McLobster may also be a difficult thing to do, as it already costs $6.19 which is quite pricey for McDonalds. Due to these limitations, it looks like the McLobster won’t be crawling to other parts of the country or the world any time soon.



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