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An explorer got so sick, that he became an exhibit so he could pay for his food!

David Livingstone was a Scottish explorer who traveled to Africa as a pioneer medical missionary.During an expedition, Livingstone’s assistants abandoned him. They returned to the city and informed authorities that Livingstone was dead!

By the time he crossed lakes, swamps and various plains, Livingstone’s supplies were low and most of them had been stolen. After two years he became extremely ill, he was saved by Arab traders who gave him medicine and carried him to an Arab outpost.

After arriving with cholera, tropical ulcers and no supplies to his next destination, he had to eat his meals in a roped off open enclosure for the entertainment of the locals in return for food!

He finally died from malaria and internal bleeding caused by Dysentery.When it comes to your life, you will most likely be willing to do anything in order to stay alive. David Livingstone is a great hero, he fought for his ideals and he kept helping people even through his worst times. There is a lot you can learn from this man.


15 Sinister Facts About The Origins Of Nursery Rhymes! This Will Scare Any Child Into Behaving!

During prohibition, the US Government killed 10,000 people because they poisoned booze!

The Prohibition Era was a time of confusion among the American people, because they were being denied a beverage that they had been drinking casually for years. Many bootleggers began selling alcohol, and they made a fortune.

In order to stop bootleggers from selling alcohol, and to stop the public from consuming it, the US government decided that they should put small doses of poison in industrial alcohols. This tactic was supposed to just make people sick, so they would stop drinking alcohol. The bootleggers however, began hiring chemists to extract the poison.

The US government went the extra mile and started added enough poison into the alcohol that it couldn't all be extracted, and, unfortunately, up to 10,000 people died as a result. Ironically, the government was trying to protect the public from the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption, and, instead, they ended up killing 10,000 of their citizens.


The casting sheet for Arrested Development said they would not tolerate diva behavior!

Arrested Development is an American television sitcom created by Mitchell Hurwitz. Three of it's seasons transmitted on Fox while a fourth season was released on Netflix this year!

This series was won multiple awards, including six Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe.Ever since it's beginning, Hurwitz wanted this series to be perfect, therefore, the pilots scripts for the show came with a cover letter which warned cast members that there would be no fancy trailers and no tolerance for diva-like behavior!

It is normal to take that kind of action when you have characters such as Michael Cera in your show!And not only that! There are strong rumors going on about a possible future full-length movie! The series had such a great hit back in Fox, and since now it's having a great time at Netflix, Hurwitz might be thinking on giving us a surprise any time soon!

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A potato has more chromosomes than you!

You really hate your biology class? Don’t worry! We are here to make it fun!First of all you must know that you started off as a single cell (yes you were forever alone at some point). That cell divided, made all kind of cells that you can think of and that are how you tissues and organs were created!

How did they know what to do? The chromosomes told them what was up!You’ve probably heard of what a chromosome is before, especially since that’s what you are made of! A chromosome is an organized structure of DNA (This is what makes you unique), protein, and RNA found in cells.

In humans there are 46 chromosomes, of which 23 come from daddy and 23 come from mommy, making us 50 % like mommy and 50 % like daddy! And therefore that makes you a combination of both! So you can thank them or blame them for the way you look, act and behave!

Even though humans are one of the most complex organisms in the world, and that this would make you think we have a lot of chromosomes, we have less than something as simple as a potato! Two more chromosomes than humans!So yeah, next time you see a potato, remember, they are very complex too.



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