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A man has grown a garden inside a bottle for over 40 years!

This little tiny garden or ecosystem has been isolated for over 40 years and yet it has been able to grow and stay alive! It has only received water twice during this time!

Back in 1960, David Latimer created this ecosystem by plating a single seed with a wire into a pile of compost and giving it a pint of water. Twelve years later he decided to give it another pint of water and tightly sealed the carboy shut as an ‘experiment’.

Since light can go through the glass, this plant continues to photosynthesize and the water goes through a continuous water cycle which allows it to use the two pints of water over and over again.

And even more interesting: As leaves die, they fall of and rot at the bottom of this glass which allows them to produce carbon dioxide and by this mean it gives the ecosystem the nutrients it needs in order for more plants to grow!


Model T cars had to drive in reverse when going up a steep hill!

The Model T car is often mentioned as a modern marvel. The car that not only made motorized vehicles affordable, it also revolutionized manufacturing via Henry Ford's assembly line innovations.

That doesn't mean it was perfect, though. Take this quirky limitation for example. If you had a Ford Model T and you wanted to drive it through a steep hill, the car would just stop working. This was because the car relied on gravity to feed the fuel carburetor instead of a fuel pump.

When you drove through a steep hill, the fuel would not be able to reach the carburetor and it would be as if the car was out of gas. The solution for this was to climb these steep hills in reverse!


A raindrop hitting a mosquito is like a human being hit by a bus!

A raindrop hitting a mosquito is kind of like a bus hitting a human being. The only difference is that the mosquito’s got the skills required to make it out pretty much unscathed. According to recent experiments, the insect’s light weight compared to the raindrop actually works in it's favor.

According to physicists, it's small weight means that not much momentum is transferred to a mosquito. Thus, the mosquito is able to attach itself to the rain drop and just ride it downwards. The mosquito is careful enough to break away from the drop before it splashes into the ground.

This ability allows mosquitoes to pester us rain or shine.


Abraham Lincoln is in the wrestling hall of fame!

Lincoln wasn’t just a freedom fighter. His long limbs and tough spirit made him an accomplished wrestler as a young man. Lincoln competed in approximately 300 matches, losing only once the entire time. He was also a bit of a trash talker in the ring.

He once challenged an entire crowd of onlooker dispatching an opponent. That’s right, Honest Abe got up and said; “I’m the big buck of this lick. If any of you want to try it, come on and whet your horns.” Sure enough, no one wanted to wrestle the future president. All of his accomplishments, in and out of the ring, earned him an “Outstanding American” honor in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.


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