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A filmmaker is suing so you can sing Happy Birthday for free!

Jennifer Nelson is a filmmaker with a mission: To make Happy Birthday free for anyone to sing. This may sound weird to you until you remember that the Happy Birthday song is actually under the copyright of Warner/Chappel music. That's right: You have illegally sung it the all your life.

Jennifer Nelson says that the song has to be in public domain due to a series of issues with the copyright. One of her biggest points: The sisters credited with writing the song appear to have written neither the music nor the lyrics to it.

They are suing Warner/Chappel to release the song in public domain, and to return the royalties they collect on it, estimated at $2 million per year!


One Finnish soldier killed over 700 Soviet Troops in 100 days!

In the winter of 1939, Josef Stalin decided he would seize the opportunity to head into Finland and take over as much land as he could, and claim it for the Soviet Union. Little did he know, the Finnish people weren't going to allow this to happen so easily. In fact, some of them put up one hell of a fight.

Simo Hayha, a man who didn't stand an inch over five feet, was a Finnish soldier who wouldn't allow his country to succumb to Soviet invasion. But, Hayha wasn't an ordinary Finnish soldier, he was the equivalent of an American minuteman - someone who gets called by his country when they need his service out of desperation.

Hayha was stationed in a barren wasteland, with temperatures reaching -20 to -40 degrees Celsius. Clearly the temperatures didn't bug Hayha, because he survived, by himself, for 100 days killing over 700 Soviet troops. The Soviets tried bombing the area he was in, sending their own snipers to hunt him, but to no avail.

Finally, a Soviet sniper shot Hayha in the jaw, which put him into a coma for 11 days. When he woke up, his Finnish comrades were digging him out of the snow, and the Soviets had given up on their war. He lived to the ripe old age of 97.

You think this story is incredible? We forgot to mention the fact that Hayha was using an outdated sniper rifle - without a telescopic sight. That's right, he was able to use the iron sights, and shoot Soviet Troops from hundreds of yards away.


The nation of Georgia fired its entire police fore. Crime went down!

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili had noticed a distinct level of corruption among his countries police officers, and to be honest, he wasn't very pleased with it. In 2004, Mikheil Saakashvili threatened all police officers, whether new recruits, or seasoned veterans, that they would be instantly fired if they were caught taking bribe from citizens, or abusing their power in any way.

The cops assumed the President was bluffing, and the next day, over 15,000 cops were caught taking bribes from citizens. As promised, the President fired all of them. In the following days after that, another 15,000 cops were fired for abusing their power. The country had no police force at this point.

In fact, the country had no police force for the next 3 months! So, was there rioting and unprecedented levels of crime? Nope! As it turns out, the crime rate actually lowered, and the country was better off without cops than it was WITH cops! Apparently the cops were the reason for most of the problems and crime in the first place!


A rapper tweeted out 'Drunk af going 120 drifitng corners YOLO' right before he died!

YOLO, short for, You Only Live Once, has been the latest craze since Drake released his hit song 'The Motto' where the acronym is featured. Considered a less intelligent version of Carpe Diem, teenagers have been seen doing immature or dangerous stunts while famously stating 'YOLO' before hand. However, no one took it to the same level as Ervin McKinness.

While driving drunk, Ervin McKinness tweeted "Drunk af going 120 drifting corners #F*ckIt YOLO". Unfortunately, you do only live once, and Ervin McKinness, and four other people, passed away that same night after crashing his car. After running a red light, he lost control of the car, and swerved into a brick wall.


Charleston, AR integrated their schools before Little Rock. They had no incidents because they didn't publicize it!

Little Rock, Arkansas saw a great deal of publicity when they first integrated their schools. There were protests and violence and national news coverage. Eventually, it got so out of hand that President Kennedy had to send in the National Guard to protect the few African American students that attended the predominantly white school.

Due to the drama, many may believe that Little Rock was the first southern town to integrate their public schools. This isn't the case though. A much less assuming town, Charleston, AK, was actually the first formerly Confederate town to integrate their school systems.

In fact, there were no riots, no outsiders coming in to protest, no media circus. How did they do it? They just didn't publicize it at all. The only incident that first day was a slur written on the walls. The janitor cleaned it up before the black students showed up.



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