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The more a pool smells like chlorine, the more poop it has!

You probably associate a strong chlorine smell with a really clean pool, don’t you? The reality could not be farther from the truth. In reality, chlorine only has a strong smell when it reacts with impurities in the water. A well-managed clean pool has no strong chemical smell.

This is why it is strongly recommended that you shower BEFORE going into a public pool. This will wash away sweat, body oils, cosmetics and traces of poop and urine on your body. Otherwise, you’re just taking a dip into everyone’s dirty bathwater.


6 Shocking Power Rangers Facts

The Power Rangers were banned in New Zealand until 2011, despite the fact that the show is filmed there!

In 1994 the New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) decided to uphold a number of complaints from concerned parents about the levels of violence in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show. The complaints said that the show taught that violence was the best way to resolve conflict and parents feared that little kids would have increased levels of aggression as a result of watching the show. 

When the BSA made its decision, the show was all but cancelled by the TV station, in the middle of the show's second season. For years the show was hard to find on DVD and video. The funny twist in this is that starting with the later seasons, like "Power Rangers: Mystic Force" and "Power Rangers: Jungle Fury," the show was actually filmed ON New Zealand. The show remained missing from TV sets in the island-country until the release of the 2011 show "Power Rangers Samurai."


Almost 15% of Rio de Janeiro's population is gay

Brazil has around 20,000,000 LGBT citizens. They make up 8.35% of the population. Of all Brazilian cities, Rio de Janeiro has the highest percentage of non-heterosexual men. They make up 19.3% of the population. The entire LGBT population of Rio de Janeiro accounts for 14.3% of the population though.

The largest cities in Brazil are known for being gay-friendly and have many gay-oriented establishments, such as gay bars, gay nightclubs, gay bathhouses, and gay restaurants. A 2010 study by the Ministry of Health of Brazil found that the homosexual population had more money than heterosexual population.


The Avengers had sounds from the original Hulk TV show!

The old Hulk TV series is one of those iconic shows that has stood the test of time in pop culture consciousness. Seeing Lou Ferrigno painted green kicking ass is still remembered and parodied.

Turns out, even though we can’t see Lou Ferrigno kick ass, we can hear him doing it still. When the sound designer of the 2009 Avengers movie were trying to come up with the perfect roar for the Hulk, they tried a mix of animals.

The director of the movie kept saying that the Hulk sounded too much like a monster and he wanted a human element in the roar. In the end, the sound designer decided to include a combination of Mark Ruffalo (who played The Hulk), Lou Ferrigno and a couple of other people in the final mix for the Hulk!


An Olympic rower once stopped mid-race to allow ducklings to pass; he still won the race

Henry 'Bobby' Pearce was one of the best scullers of the early 20th century. The Australian phenomenon won Gold Medals at both the 1928 and the 1932 Olympic Games. He came from a long line of talented scullers and his family is referred to as the "First Family" of Australian rowing.

It turns out that Pearce was so good that he could afford to make the races a little harder on himself. In the quarter finals of the 1928 Olympics, Pearce pulled up during his race to let a mother duck and her ducklings pass in front of his boat.

Who could say no to those floating balls of fuzz? The crowd, especially the children were delighted by this act of kindness.

Pearce went on to beat his opponent, Frenchman V. Savrin, and easily win the race. He also set a new Olympic record of 7 minutes 42.8 seconds. He went on to win the gold, and thanks to both his prowess and the duckling incident, his was one of the most popular victories at that Olympics.



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