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The Army used flamethrowers to melt the snow on DC's streets before President Kennedy's inauguration!

President John F. Kennedy was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States on January 20, 1961. Being that the event took place in January in Washington D.C., It isn't surprising that it snowed. What is surprising is who got rid of the snow and how they did it.

It began snowing the night before and continued into the early morning on the day of the inauguration. Eight inches of the powder accumulated, which was a problem for transporting the future president to the Capitol. The event needed to go on though. So the Army cleared the snow on Pennsylvania Avenue using flame throwers.

The rest of the day was sunny and cold with a high of about 22 degrees. No more flamethrowers necessary.


There’s a river known as the River of the Dead in South Korea because of all the dead bodies that wash up from the North!

The Imjin river is the 7th largest river in Korea. It flows from the North to the South, crossing the demilitarized zone and joins the Han River downstream from Seoul. The Imjin river was also the setting of a battle during the Korean war.

One creepy thing about this river is that it’s been nicknamed the River of the Death by many in South Korea. This is due to the large number of bodies that have been seen floating down from North Korea.

The last time this was seen was in the 1990s, when there was a major famine in North Korea and millions are believed to have starved to death.


Marilyn Manson, blamed for influencing the Columbine shooting, never spoke about it because he didn't want to give the shooting attention!

Marilyn Manson started out as a journalist. When the Columbine shooting happened, people blamed Manson and his music for influencing the shooters of the tragic incident. Manson never spoke out during the coverage of the shooting.

He felt that it would give the shooters exactly what they wanted, which was media attention. He didn’t want to give them that, because it was a horrific event. He later explained his silence and expressed his sadness over the events at Columbine.

He doesn’t see his music as suicidal or dark, but the kind of music that shows it is possible to come out of dark depression and suicidal thoughts.

He was reluctant to speak about his reasons for keeping silent, because even though the tragedy happened years ago, he didn’t like giving the media attention to it. He only briefly spoke of Columbine and his part of the story.


Scientists cut nerves that disable a cat's body while sleeping so they could see them acting out their dreams!

For anyone that is a sleepwalker, you know just how embarrassing it is to move around in your sleep and act out what you are dreaming. Well, as it turns out, scientists were able to make cats act out their dreams.

If it can be done to cats, it will eventually be possible for scientists to do it to humans. This may just be the spookiest news I’ve heard today, mainly because I have a lot of embarrassing dreams.

But wait, if I dream I’m flying…will I actually fly? Check out the video of cats doing adorable yet creepy things while being completely asleep!


8 Mind-blowing Facts About Beer

Beer has officially been made in space!

Barley was grown for five months in the Zvezda Service Module on the International Space Station. It had extremely limited results, though. 

The barley was only able to produce 250 six packs of beer. They were produced by Sapporo. The six packs will be sold through a lottery system for 10,000 yen, or roughly $110 each, unfortunately; only people in Japan are eligible for the lottery, but all proceeds will go to charity. 

The Russian Academy of Sciences, Okayama University, and Russia’s space agency Roscosmos are hosting the lottery. The charity that the proceeds will go to is for the promotion of science education for children and the development of space science research in Japan and Russia. 

The barley was also produced, of course, for the purpose of achieving self-sufficiency in food in the space environment. How crazy that their first choice in product was producing barley beer. Have no fear, though, the astronauts can’t drink it. 



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