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Black holes often emit jets of gas!

A black hole is not really a hole-it is typically a collapsed star that’s gravity is so strong that it's escape velocity exceeds the speed of light. Since nothing is faster than light, nothing can escape after it comes within a certain distance of the black hole; not even light itself. All matter that falls within this distance is crushed to infinite density.

Jets of hot gas are often found streaming out of regions surrounding the black hole. These gas jets can be millions of light years in length and can incinerate or at least scorch most objects in their way. They are most likely caused by charged particles spiraling around the intense magnetic field thought to rotate around the black hole. Moral of this story: Stay away from black holes.


13 Reasons You REALLY Want To Stay Out Of Jail

A town in Brazil has jail convict-powered streetlights!

A single high-security prison in Brazil began a pilot program for clean energy. Stationary exercise bikes are rigged up to car batteries to generate electrical power. Guards oversee a group of inmates that pedal furiously to generate the power.

The pilot program also benefits the prisoners. The inmates get 1 day reduced from their sentence for every 16 hours of pedaling they do. The electricity produced is used to light up the town at night to keep it safe.

A local judge came up with the idea for the program and local police and businesses made it happen. Now that there is light, the once abandoned riverside promenade is now robust with the added light.

The program is really benefiting the town as it makes people feel safe and they come out and celebrate life in the light of the inmate created electricity.


Michael Jordan might have stopped the Hornets winning the NBA playoffs by cursing!

Most of us were able to see the greatest legend of the NBA become the legend. Most of us by acclamation consider him the greatest basketball player of all time.

He is known for all his career highlights and awards, and even for all his athletic products that most basketball players use in present time.However, what you probably didn’t know was that Michael Jordan was also a master at playing psychological/mind tricks during his games.

In game 3 of the 1995 NBA playoffs, Hornets point guard Mugsy Bogues had the ball with several seconds left and an opportunity to nail the game-winning shot. His defender, Michael Jordan, stepped back, put his hands down, and said, "Shoot it, you ******* midget." The shot wasn't even close!

Michael Jordan was great at slam dunks, but apparently he was also great at defending, and all he ever needed was his mouth.I wonder if his mom washed it with soap after finding out the dirty words he used during that game.


The word 'nickname' is actually a mispronunciation of the word 'ekename!' It has nothing to do with shortening a name!

Nicknames have infinite possibilities – whether you have a serious one (re: Lizzie instead of Elizabeth) or a funny one (re: Shaggy because of your unruly hair). They can also be mean or ridiculous. They can even take over for your actual legal name. A nickname is often deemed desirable, as it can be a symbol of acceptance.

So was it someone named Nick who originally came up with the idea of shortening names or creating a name replacement? Nope. The word “nickname” is actually a mistake. It comes from the word “ekename,” which means “additional name.” This term was used as early as 1303.

It came from the Old English word “eaca,” which means “an increase.” By the fifteenth century, the syllables of “an ekename” had started to be incorrectly divided into “a nekename.” While today’s spelling is different, the pronunciation is basically the same.


Carolyn Keene, the supposed author of the Nancy Drew Series, was not real!

Carolyn Keene was not a real person. Carolyn Keene wasn’t even a pseudonym for a real person. Carolyn Keene was a pseudonym for many real people. Several authors worked on the Nancy Drew Series; for example, Mildred Wirt, Benson Adams, Harriet Adams, etc. The writers were paid $125 for each book and contractually obligated to maintain confidentiality.

“Carolyn Keene” is also credited with writing Nancy Drew spin-offs such as River Heights and The Nancy Drew Notebooks. The use of the pseudonym was probably a marketing ploy to ensure that the identification of the series remained simple. Nancy Drew was, after all, for children.



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