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15 Strange Facts About Cats That Actually Exist

Cats can drink sea water to re-hydrate themselves!

Have you ever heard the expression, “Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink?” The age-old age adage refers, of course, to the ocean – vast quantities of water, but unsuitable for humans to drink due to the salt content. But did you know that cats CAN drink seawater to in order to survive? Read on to find out how.

All animals get some of their water intake from food, cats included. But when a cat’s intake of water from all sources is inadequate, their kidneys are efficient enough to re-hydrate by consuming saltwater. The kidneys are able to expel the salt while allowing the potable water to re-hydrate the feline in order to help it survive in times of drought.

Here are a couple of other fun facts about cats: most female cats are right pawed while males are left pawed; a cat’s brain is more similar to a human brain than to a dog’s brain; cats can run at an astounding 31 mph for short distances; and, cats almost never meow at other cats – only at humans.


Jay-Z pulled 'American Gangster' from iTunes because he didn't want people to buy just 1 track!

American Gangster is the tenth studio album by Jay-Z and his 1st studio album to be pulled from iTunes. His reason for removing this album from one of the world’s most popular online music store was, in his own words, “as movies are not sold scene by scene; this collection will not be sold as individual singles.” Essentially, Jay-Z felt that American Gangster tells a story that doesn’t deserve to be picked apart.

The album was made available for digital download, in it's entirety, on Amazon and Rhapsody. It debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, sold 425,861 copies it's first week, and tied with Elvis for the second most U.S number-one albums. Rolling Stones even named it the best album of 2007. So there you go; if the story’s good, people will listen.


There is a species of tiny spider-like creatures that live inside the lungs of bees!

Talk about a world inside of a world. The “honey bee tracheal mite” is an internal parasite of honey bee. They are related to spiders and thus have 8 legs, and live and reproduce in the tracheae of the bees. The female mites stick about half a dozen eggs to the tracheal wall. The larvae hatch and develop in 11-15 days to adult mites.

Each mite infests young bees for up to two weeks. They pierce the tracheal tube walls with their mouth and feed on the haemolymph of the bees. More than a hundred mites can populate the tracheae and thus weaken the bee.


Liechtenstein and Haiti had the exact same flag. They found out when they competed in the Olympics!

A country’s flag is a symbol of pride and unity. It is waved proudly at special events and shown special respect. It makes sense then that a flag should be unique and easily identifiable.

However, countries also often try to keep their flag designs simple, and this can lead to problems. This was the case with Liechtenstein and Haiti. Both countries had a flag that consisted of a horizontal blue stripe on top of a horizontal red stripe. Pretty straightforward.

They didn’t realize this until they competed against each other in the 1936 Summer Olympics. Awkward. In order to remedy the problem, Liechtenstein added a gold ducal crown on the hoist side of the blue stripe on their flag. Now they won’t be mistaken for Haiti.


Pizza Hut wants its logo on the moon!

Mad consumerism is making astronomical advances. In 1998, Pizza Hut had this brilliant idea to burn their logo onto the surface of the moon with high-powered lasers. For us to be able to see this logo, it would need to be about the size of Texas.

Upon consulting experts, Pizza Hut learned that that the necessary technology is still a few years off and the reputation of our planet to potential aliens hasn’t completely been tarnished.

Since then however, Pizza Hut has still been trying to get as close to space as it can. It’s made several deals with the Russian Space Program, including stamping their logo on a rocket and delivering pizza to the International Space Station. Aim for the stars Pizza Hut, aim for the stars.



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