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There are bodies in Europe whose skin is perfectly preserved but their bones are dissolved!

The bog bodies of Northern Europe are a large set of human cadavers that have been naturally mummified within the peat bogs found on the continent. They have a widespread chronology spanning from 9000BC to World War 2.

What’s really different about the bog bodies is that their skin and internal organs have been preserved extremely well due to the condition that they’re in: The water is highly acidic, temperature is low and there’s no oxygen. This combines to preserve, but tan their skin.

The other interesting thing, though is that the bog bodies’ bones are generally not preserved. The peat dissolved the calcium phosphate of the bone. If you want to learn more about these corpses, check out the source!


8 Secrets About Mario You Probably Didn't Know

Mario got his name from the Nintendo office’s landlord


Mario Segale rented a warehouse to the then budding videogame company, Nintendo as they were working on a videogame called ‘Donkey Kong’. Unfortunately, the starting up company was behind on its rent which awarded a visit from Segale.

After a promise from Nintendo’s president that the rent would be paid, Segale simply left. Legend has it that this encounter gave the developers an idea to rename the character ‘Jumpman’ as ‘Mario’ and the rest is history. 

For more cool facts on the world’s favorite plumber, click the Source below!



Nokia's ringtone has a hidden message in Morse code!

Nokia phones are nearly indestructible, which is an amazing feat on it's own considering iPhones seem to break if you drop them onto a pillow. Anyway, Nokia not only creates indestructible phones, but they also create their ringtones in clever ways!

For example, the ‘Ascending’ ringtone is actually Morse code for ‘Connecting People’, which is Nokia’s slogan. Similarly, the ‘Standard’ ringtone is Morse code for ‘M’ – which stands for message. It’s nice to see phone developers getting a little bit original with their design.

Side note – In Asia, the digit 4 never appears on a Nokia handset model number. Why? Because ‘4’ is considered an unlucky number in many parts of Southeast/East Asia. To learn even more odd facts about Nokia, you should click the source!


The Army used flamethrowers to melt the snow on DC's streets before President Kennedy's inauguration!

President John F. Kennedy was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States on January 20, 1961. Being that the event took place in January in Washington D.C., It isn't surprising that it snowed. What is surprising is who got rid of the snow and how they did it.

It began snowing the night before and continued into the early morning on the day of the inauguration. Eight inches of the powder accumulated, which was a problem for transporting the future president to the Capitol. The event needed to go on though. So the Army cleared the snow on Pennsylvania Avenue using flame throwers.

The rest of the day was sunny and cold with a high of about 22 degrees. No more flamethrowers necessary.


There’s a river known as the River of the Dead in South Korea because of all the dead bodies that wash up from the North!

The Imjin river is the 7th largest river in Korea. It flows from the North to the South, crossing the demilitarized zone and joins the Han River downstream from Seoul. The Imjin river was also the setting of a battle during the Korean war.

One creepy thing about this river is that it’s been nicknamed the River of the Death by many in South Korea. This is due to the large number of bodies that have been seen floating down from North Korea.

The last time this was seen was in the 1990s, when there was a major famine in North Korea and millions are believed to have starved to death.



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