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15 Facts That Will Change How You See Your Dog

Moose, the dog from Frasier, got more fan mail than any of the human actors!

Moose the dog was a Jack Russell Terrier most famous for his portrayal of Eddie Crane, the dog on the sitcom Frasier. He was born on Christmas Eve, 1990 and died on June 22, 2006 after a long and storied career. While he was the youngest puppy in the litter, he was also the largest, and considered to be a troublemaker by its owner.

He was trained for 6 months and landed the role of Eddie. He had the ability to fix on Kelsey Grammer with a long hard stare and it became a sight gag on the show. The dog became so popular that he got more fan mail than any of the human actors on the show!

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Vince Vaughn and Steve Buscemi were once involved in a serious bar brawl together!

Vince Vaughn and Steve Buscemi are known for making movies that can be a bit high on the violence scale, but they weren’t acting back in 1998 during a bar brawl that got pretty ugly. Vince and Steve were busy filming their movie “Domestic Disturbance” in North Carolina when they decided to get some liquid refreshment at a local bar.

The trouble started when Vince started putting the moves on another man’s girlfriend, causing the man to become irate. A classic bar brawl ensued, and Steve Buscemi got the short end of the stick. He ended up getting stabbed in the head, throat, and arm, though our source doesn’t mention anybody else’s injuries. Several people were arrested for the incident and charged with misdemeanor assault.


A 5 year old girl in Russia was found in a locked room with cats and dogs, without heat, water, or sewage system

A ‘feral child’ is a person who has lived a life of isolation from human contact, and has little or no experience of human care, social behaviors, or of human language.Technically, Mowgli from ‘The Jungle Book’ could be considered a feral child.

In some cases, the child is living out in the wilderness by themselves as a result of abandonment, sometimes accidental. However, some feral children have been discovered locked in rooms by their parents for a number of reasons.

One of the most recent cases is that of Natasha, who in 2009 was found locked in a small room in her parent’s house in Russia. She was living in unimaginable conditions, with cats and dogs, no heat or water, and no sewage system.

She had been living this way her whole life. She could not speak a word of Russian, would jump at the door, bark as caretakers left, and had clear attributes of an animal.

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A religion on a pacific island worships American soldiers and prays for their return!

The religion of “John Frum” is one of the strangest active today. It began in the early 1940’s when American soldiers were stationed in what is now Vanuatu. With the coming of these soldiers to an isolated pacific island came technology that they had never seen or imagined.

Supposedly, there was a soldier named John Frum among the 300,000 Americans present who approached the native people and encouraged them to reject all aspects of Western culture, abandon Christianity, and preserve their native ways.

By doing this, Frum prophesized that all white people would leave the area and a new age of native rule would result with technology that rivaled the Westerners. He was eventually venerated as a missionary of sorts and a cult developed around him.

To this day there are a number of worshipers of Frum who enthusiastically support his message. It is believed that he will return on February 15th of an unknown year and fulfill his prophecy. Modern scholars doubt whether John Frum was an actual person and believe his name could have been the native understanding of “John from America,” yet his message has nonetheless had an impressive impact on the native population!


British engineers are making a car that will go 1000mph!

The British Bloodhound SuperSonic Car project made some serious headway in the quest to raise the world's land speed record to 1,000 mph when the machine's main power unit, a spectacularly forceful rocket engine, was successfully test fired in 2012.

The rocket is believed to be the largest designed in Europe in decades, and it's 185-decible noise level is said to be many times louder than a Boeing 747 during takeoff. Demonstrating the potential is a great boost, but multiple tasks still need to be completed before the 44-foot, 17,000-pound Bloodhound SSC is fully ready for it's initial run in late 2013 in South Africa.

The rocket was tested to just half the thrust required to hit 1,000 mph, while the pencil-like chassis and body are still a collection of beautifully engineered aluminum and carbon-fiber components scattered around various British engineering shops. Later this year, the chassis is expected to be delivered to Bloodhound's Bristol technical center in England for outfitting ahead of practice runs next summer.



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