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A Great Dane officially enlisted in the Royal Navy during WWII!

Just Nuisance was the only dog ever to be officially enlisted in the Royal Navy!This Great Dane from Cape Town served mainly as a morale booster for the troops between 1939 and 1944.

He was enlisted on August 25th, 1939 under the surname of “Nuisance” and forename of “Just”. He never went to sea but he accompanied sailors on train journeys and escorted them back to the base when the pubs closed.

Later in 1944, Nuisance was involved in a car accident which caused him a thrombosis, which gradually paralyzed him. He then was discharged from the navy. He was put to sleep at Simon’s Town Naval Hospital and was buried with full naval honors, which included a gun salute.

His grave is currently located on top of the hill at Klawer, at the former SA Navy Signal School, and a statue of him can be found in Jubilee Square at Simon’s Town which commemorates his life.


Soldiers in the German Army can disobey certain orders!

Yep, it’s true; in the German Army, soldiers are obliged to disobey any order they think would violate human dignity. Few, if any other armies have this rule!

This is all based in the principle of "command and obedience in the Bunderswehr". This doesn't mean they can disobey anything, though. Ifa soldier insubordinates for other reasons, he/she may be punished with imprisonment up to three years if they acted negligently.

This human dignity exception was enacted in the 1950s, after seeing what blind obedience did to Nazi Germany soldiers. This rule now means that soldiers need not fear retribution if a commander's orders would lead to something horrible like it did with the Nazis.


15 Facts That Will Change How You See Your Dog

Moose, the dog from Frasier, got more fan mail than any of the human actors!

Moose the dog was a Jack Russell Terrier most famous for his portrayal of Eddie Crane, the dog on the sitcom Frasier. He was born on Christmas Eve, 1990 and died on June 22, 2006 after a long and storied career. While he was the youngest puppy in the litter, he was also the largest, and considered to be a troublemaker by its owner.

He was trained for 6 months and landed the role of Eddie. He had the ability to fix on Kelsey Grammer with a long hard stare and it became a sight gag on the show. The dog became so popular that he got more fan mail than any of the human actors on the show!

Learn more about Moose by clicking here.

The Cincinnati Reds changed their name in the 50s so they wouldn't be called communists!

The Cold war was not an event that only affected political affairs throughout the United States; it also changed important aspects of it's sports!

People were scared of being accused of being communist, and by this being imprisoned and considered traitors. The fear propagated throughout the entire country, and this fear was able to reach the Cincinnati Reds!

From 1953 to 1958 the Cincinnati Reds officially changed their name to the “Cincinnati Redlegs” because they were afraid of being thought to be associated with communism! The club’s logo was altered to remove the term “REDS” from the inside of the “wishbone C” symbol.

And not only that; players were also asked to keep a clean cut look! Players were not meant to have long hair or facial hair since they didn’t want to be seemed as rebels or anything associated with it.

Now in 2013, “The big red machine” is amongst the greatest baseball teams in history ever! Hopefully they’ll still be making history with a lot more championships.


A man lost 275 pounds through a clinically supervised fast!

A 456 lbs. Man underwent a clinically supervised fast for 382 days. He took multivitamins and lost 275 lbs.!

His case was part of an experiment made by the University Department of Medicine, Dundee, Scotland. It was carried by W.K. Stewart and Laura W. Fleming. What they were trying to prove is that fasting therapy for the obese is one of the best treatments that medicine has to offer.

The 27 year old patient weighted 456 lb. (207 kg). During the 382 days of his fast vitamin supplements were given daily as a ‘multivite’, vitamin C and yeast for the first 10 months. He was given supplements throughout the rest of his treatment in order to compensate what his body needed.

They were able to make him lose 275 lbs. Which brought him down to 181 lbs.! And proving this way that fasting (combined with clinical supervision of course) is a great way to help obese patients.

But remember, eating healthy and exercising regularly will make you avoid obesity at all times, so once you are done with reading OMG facts, get up, turn off your computer and go out for a nice run!



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