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The BBC requested viewers to send photos of French beaches so they could secretly plan the D-Day invasion!

World War II took several different shifts in which at some points Germany expected certain victory and others certain defeat. Commonly known as D-Day in America, June 6th was the day that officially turned the tide against Germany and in favor of the Allies.

D-Day required immense planning for the massive invasion, yet tactical information of the land of France was hard to come by while under German occupation. To secretly gain information without letting people know an invasion was being planned, the BBC requested holiday pictures from the beaches of France.

Thousands of people submitted pictures thinking they were being used for some radio broadcast or entertainment. These pictures were used to plan the massive invasion and people didn’t even know!


Scientists are close to being able to use 3D printers to make human organs!

Printing usable organs is something that sounds like science fiction, yet with recent scientific advances this is looking more and more like a reality. 3D printers have become increasingly common, and recently they have been used to create comfortable, personalized prosthetic limbs and hearing aids.

Bioprinters, however, use “bio-ink” which is made of living cell mixtures to form human tissue. Today they can make basic tissue and human cells, which when laid layer upon layer form the tissue, but cannot yet form usable organs.

The hope is that one day the technology will become sophisticated enough to create organs that are identical to the ones that need replacement! In fact, the technology has also been promoted for potentially creating meat to solve hunger problems!


The man who built the 1st stocks in Boston was also the 1st to get punished by them!

Punishment has varied greatly over the years. While the death penalty has largely gone out of fashion in America today, it used to be a popular practice accompanied by various other tortures that would today seem even more barbaric.

Ducking stools, which simply plopped the person in and out of water until they practically drowned, were popular along with several other brutal punishments. For petty crimes, stocks were the most common form of punishment and ridicule.

The first man imprisoned in the stocks was a carpenter named Edward Palmer. After they were completed he was immediately locked up. Why? The magistrates of Boston believed Palmer charged too much to build the stocks they commissioned and charged him with extortion!


Microsoft created software that can detect if an image is child pornography!

Child pornography is a huge problem online. With the explosion of the Internet, there has also been an explosion of exploitation. While Microsoft has developed technology that has made it possible for such exploitation to take place, they are also taking strides to combat it.

In 2009, in partnership with DCU and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Microsoft worked with Dartmouth to develop PhotoDNA. This is an image-matching technology that aids in finding and removing horrific child pornography images from the Internet. Microsoft then donated the technology to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

They then set up an PhotoDNA-based program for online service providers in order for them to find and stop the spread of child pornography. Microsoft has also implemented this technology on their own services, included Bing and Hotmail. This has resulted in thousands of pornographic images being removed from online.


13 Things You Need to Know About Steve Jobs And Apple

Steve Jobs was given the night shift at Atari because of his personal hygiene!

Steve Jobs is undoubtedly one of the most successful men of the century. He was the mind behind all the Apple products that we know and love. In 2010, it was estimated that Steve Jobs net worth was $8.3 billion. However, when he was younger, he may have had questionable hygiene!

Steve Jobs used to work at Atari in order to provide himself with a wage so he could survive. Allegedly, Jobs was actually put on the night shift because of his hygiene! It is said that he never bathed, and would walk around the office in his bare feet.



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