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Charleston, AR integrated their schools before Little Rock. They had no incidents because they didn't publicize it!

Little Rock, Arkansas saw a great deal of publicity when they first integrated their schools. There were protests and violence and national news coverage. Eventually, it got so out of hand that President Kennedy had to send in the National Guard to protect the few African American students that attended the predominantly white school.

Due to the drama, many may believe that Little Rock was the first southern town to integrate their public schools. This isn't the case though. A much less assuming town, Charleston, AK, was actually the first formerly Confederate town to integrate their school systems.

In fact, there were no riots, no outsiders coming in to protest, no media circus. How did they do it? They just didn't publicize it at all. The only incident that first day was a slur written on the walls. The janitor cleaned it up before the black students showed up.


15 Dance Facts You Should Know

Ovulating strippers make more money!

An evolutionary psychologist at the University of New Mexico and his research conducted a study that showed an interesting, but very obscure fact. Strippers earned more tips by lap dancing when they were ovulating than when they were not, and also more than women on the pill, who don't ovulate.

The research assistant first noticed this because he worked at a strip club assisting the performers. One of his duties was handing out tampons. He noticed women who requested them earned less than the others. This was the basis for their study.

They set up an anonymous website where they gathered data for 296 work shifts, or about 5,300 lap dances. The women would include info about their earnings, productivity and menstrual cycles.

The results? Women ovulating would earn in average $30/ hour than women in their periods and $15/hour more than women at other stage in their cycle. Women on the pill, who don't ovulate, made significantly less than women in their natural cycle.

The theory is that women ovulating are at their peak of fertility and that makes them more attractive to males. What they haven't found yet is how men can subconsciously recognize that a women is in estrus (their fertility peak).



A 9-year-old once robbed a bank in New York!

In 1981, a nine-year-old boy robbed the New York Bank for Savings in midtown Manhattan. And he got away with it, at least for a while. As the boy explained it, he had been playing in the bank and had his toy gun with him. He had used the gun and a woman had given him money.

This was what he told his parents later that day after they saw a news report of the incident. His parents then made him surrender to police. The boy's lawyer claimed that he had been heavily influenced by violence on television and was not really aware of what he was doing.

The boy was not known for being a troublemaker, but did watch a lot of TV. His parents were separated, and he lived with his father and grandparents in a Manhattan apartment. There, he would watch hours of shows like "Hogan's Heroes" and "The Rockford Files."


Sean Bean is afraid of flying. When filming Lord of the Rings he hiked up a mountain in full armor instead of going in a helicopter!

English actor Sean Bean is known for playing bearded, Medieval types. He is Lord Eddard Stark in HBO's "Game of Thrones" and Odysseus in "Troy." He is also Boromir in the the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. This may be his most notable role.

Bean is primarily in the first film "The Fellowship of the Ring" and appears in flashbacks in the following two films. The majority of the movie was shot in New Zealand due to the the beautiful, rugged landscape. And it is rugged unfortunately for Bean.

Bean has fear of flying. After a particularly rough ride in a helicopter during filming, he refused to fly to any more set locations. This proved problematic. In one instance, Bean rode a ski lift in full armor with a shield and a sword and then hiked the remaining miles to the set. That's dedication.


A Jewish woman helped Nazis find 3000 other Jews even after they sent her parents to a concentration camp!

Stella Kubler was born from Jewish parents, and married a Jewish man. When the second World War broke out, her parents tried to flee Germany, but they were unable to. In 1943, Stella and her parents were arrested by the Gestapo. It was at this point in time, Stella struck up a rather unusual deal with the Gestapo.

Stella agreed to use her knowledge of people in the Jewish community to find people that were pretending that they weren't Jewish. The reason Stella acted on the Gestapo's behalf is because she believed that the Gestapo wouldn't send her, her parents, or her husband to a concentration camp as long as she was able to find Jews in hiding. The Nazi's referred to Stella as 'blonde poison'

Stella, depending on the records, is said to have found between 600 and 3000 Jewish people and turned them into the Gestapo. The Gestapo inevitably placed her parents in a concentration camp, where they were killed, but Stella continued to turn in hiding Jewish people.

When the war ended, Stella spent 10 years in a Soviet prison for her crimes. Upon being released, she lived in West Germany. Over the years, her actions during World War II took a tremendous toll on her mental stability, as she suffered from depression and extensive loneliness. In 1994, the guilt was too much, and Stella committed suicide by jumping out of a window.



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