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Adwaita the tortoise lived an estimated 255 years!

While turtles and tortoises are known to have long live expectancies, this particular animal is just absurd. Adwaita was a giant tortoise who was originally owned by General Robert Clive of the East India Company.

Clive ended up committing suicide in 1774, and left his already 34-year-old tortoise behind. Adwaita was eventually brought to an Indian zoo in 1875 after having several different owners, and spent the rest of his life there.

He survived until 2006, at which time scientists carbon dated his shell to around the year 1750! This makes him around 255 years old, which is a generation older than the United States, and means he was born before Mozart, Lincoln, and the French Revolution!


A man invented a table saw that stops in less than 1/1000th of a second when it touches human flesh!

10 people every single day lose a finger while cutting a piece of wood using a table saw, an unfortunate statistic that many people accepted as inevitable. Steve Gass, a lifelong wood worker, refused to let that statistic continue.

Instead of standing by doing nothing, Steve Gass, who has a doctorate in Physics, decided to create a table saw that stops whenever it touches human flesh. The type of saw Steve created is known as SawStop , and is a revolutionary piece of equipment that can save woodworker’s fingers around the globe.

Steve Gass believed in his product so much, he actually tested it out using his own fingers! How does SawStop work? Watch the video at the source to find out!


Lightning rods don’t attract lightning – they discharge it!

Have you ever seen one of those cool nighttime photos which show purple, glowing lightning striking a vertical rod on top of a building? The rod wasn’t put there to attract lightning, it was installed to discharge it! When lighting strikes the rod, it actually helps to protect the structure from an otherwise dangerous strike that could potentially damage the building if a rod wasn’t present.

Basically, the metal rod atop the building is attached to a wire that travels down the length of the building. Then, the wire is led underground where it makes contact with the earth. This “grounds” the electricity and prevents it from doing structural damage, or even heating up building materials and causing a fire.

The lightning rod was invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1749 as part of his groundbreaking explorations into electricity. The invention is more important than ever in modern times, as buildings all around the world are being built taller and taller. And, the taller the building, the greater the chance of a lightning strike.

Click here to watch a cool video about how lightning rods work!


A Prince was saved from being assassinated thanks to a pug!

Pompey was the well known Pug dog of William The Silent. Pompey is actually legendary. According to the legend, during a campaign against the Spanish by Prince of Orange, William The Silent, his Pug, Pompey, thwarted an assassination attempt.

One night at Hermigny, France, while the prince slept, assassins crept toward his tent. Pompey heard them and began barking and scratching to warn his master, finally jumping on his master's face to alert him to the impending danger.

This incident would link together the Pug breed with the House of Orange, and would cause the breed to be shipped to England with William and Mary, joint sovereigns of the Kingdom of England. On the monument of William the Silent, at the Church of St. Ursula, in Delft, Pompey is carved lying at his master's feet. He is the official dog of the House of Orange forevermore. Pugs can be useful after all.


The actress who plays Elaine on Seinfeld is a multi-billionare and is worth more than Jerry himself!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is well-known for her role as Elaine on Seinfeld. She has continued her success with subsequent television shows, such as The New Adventures of Old Christine and Veep. However, audiences probably do not know just how wealthy Louis-Dreyfus is.

She has a net worth of $3 billion! This is more than Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld's net worth combined. However, all this money doesn't only come from Louis-Dreyfus's acting career and endorsement deals. She is actually the daughter of billionaire Gerard Louis-Dreyfus who is the chairman of Louis-Dreyfus Energy Services.

Since Louis-Dreyfus is the oldest of the five children, she will likely inherit a good chunk of her father's fortune.



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