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Hugh Hefner started Playboy because he didn’t get a $5 raise!

Hugh Hefner is a media magnate and the ultimate bachelor. Even though he’s over 80 years old, he is still revered by men for his way of life. The Playboy empire has expanded beyond magazines into night clubs and resorts

One of his inspirations for Playboy might have been the fact that his first wife had an affair, confessed and said he was able to see as many women as he wanted to.

After spending some time in Northwestern, he went on to work for Esquire magazine. He tried to negotiate a $5 raise that they didn’t give him. After that, he left and raised $8,000 in investment money to launch the first issues of Playboy. He turned that money into a media giant and his net worth is now over $300m!


9 Hard-To-Believe Facts About Las Vegas

There is a "heavy equipment playground" in Las Vegas where you can drive bulldozers for FUN!

So, if you’ve outgrown the sandbox but not your inner-child, then this is the place for you! “Dig It” is for everyone aged 14 to 114 who’s willing to spend at least 90 minutes scooping up massive piles of dirt and other doing other bulldozer/excavator involving activities. 

It’s a 7 step experience: 

  1. You choose either a bulldozer or excavator: With a bulldozer, you can build huge mounds and push gigantic tires. With an excavator, you can dig trenches and stack 2000 pound tires. Oh, dilemma, dilemma. 
  2. You undergo the breathalyzer and a safety orientation: Always a good thing to do before you get into a massive, dirt-destroying machine.
  3. You undergo an in-cab orientation: An instructor shows you the working of each little button and leaver so that you can move your machine with grace and poise. 
  4. You do a warm-up exercise: You move your large mechanical friend around the yard, under the watchful eyes of the crew.
  5. You do some guided activities: And now you get to the real stuff. Guided by the staff, you can play a game of “Excavator Basketball” or build and ride your own “Bulldozer Teeter-Totter.”
  6. FREE TIME! It’s like recess; you have ultimate freedom to do whatever the Dig-It rule book and the state law doesn’t prohibit. 
  7. You accept your award. Graciously claim your official Certificate of Completion. This is probably the only place where you get an award for having fun. And there you have it!

So on your next trip to Vegas, instead of blowing all of your life savings or drowning your miseries in alcohol, you can satisfy that little part of you that’s always dreamt of being a construction worker. Dig up more some info from the source

The Colombian army created a pop song with a Morse code beat to communicate with kidnapped military personnel

Colombia has been in the middle of a civil war for years. Guerilla forces often kidnap police officers and military personnel and hold them captive for years. With some victims being held for more than 12 years, they have no idea what is going on in the outside world.

Captives are only allowed to know what their captors want them to know.In an effort to communicate with these kidnapped officials, the Colombian army by way of DDB Colombia created a pop song with a Morse code beat.

Since captives were usually allowed to listen to music, they could now receive a secret message from the army. If they interpreted the morse code, they were told how many victims had been rescued and that they would soon be freed as well.


Polar bear fur is transparent NOT white!

Polar bears have a really dense underfur covered by an outer layer of guard hairs, which appears to be tan, but in reality it is transparent. Why do they seem white then?

The hair is made of a thick, hollow core that reflects light. As the light bounces on the space between hair, white gets reflected back and that’s why it seems white. As the polar bear grows old, the fur tends to turn green due to algae growing inside the hairs.

Some scientists have proposed that their transparent fur helps them absorb light. However, new studies have shown that this is not the case. Their hair simply helps them blend in to their snowy environment, allowing them to catch prey more easily.


A Croatian general managed to defend Vienna from an army 140,000 strong with just 800 soldiers!

Nikola Jurisic was a Croatian nobleman, soldier and diplomat. He led the armies of the Croatian Krajina in defense against invasion from the Ottoman Empire which was advancing towards Vienna.

He is perhaps most famous for defending the small border fort of Koszeg with only 700-800 soldiers with no cannons and a few guns, preventing the advance of the Turkish army of 120,000 – 140,000 towards Vienna.

History differs on what exactly happened, in some versions he heroically defended the fort from attacks and eventually the Ottomans gave up. In others, he managed to stall them long enough for an army to gather in Vienna.



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