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A king failed to commit suicide by poison because he had become immune to it thanks to taking small doses throughout his life!

Between 73 and 63 BCE, King Mithridates VI of Pontus was at war with the Roman Empire. He was eventually defeated and his kingdom became an allied state of Rome.

He retreated and left his son in charge. Mithridates was getting ready to raise another army and fight the Romans again, but his son wouldn't help him. Mithridates had his son killed and claimed the throne again.

But, Mithridates' warmongering was not popular, and his younger son led a popular rebellion against him. Devastated by this betrayal, he decided to kill himself with poison.

Only… it didn't work. He had been so paranoid all his life about being assassinated, that he had taken small doses of all known poisons. He had become immune! He ended up ordering his bodyguard to kill him.


A soldier was left wounded and dying with just 8 bullets. His body was found with 8 enemy soldiers around him!

Private Thomas Baker's company has weld up by enemy fire in the Mariana Islands during WWII. There, he made one of his many brave gestures: he took a bazooka and dashed 100 yards toward his enemy to allow his company to mount an assault.

Later, they were attacked by surprise, and he took the rearguard and was able to hold off the enemy and kill many of them. During another attack, he was seriously wounded. He insisted on remaining in combat and kept firing at the enemy.
When it was clear he'd die anyway, he decided not to risk his company's lives and asked to be left propped up to a tree. He was given a soldier's pistol with 8 rounds of ammo.
The company left. His body was later found surrounded by 8 bodies and his pistol empty. For all this, Thomas Baker received a posthumous Medal of Honor for his bravery.


A park ranger survived being struck by lightning seven times!

It is a myth that you can't be struck by lightning twice. Roy Sullivan was a park ranger in Virginia. He got the nickname Human Lightning Rod and Human Lightning Conductor after he had been struck by lightning seven separate times and survived them all.

He is in the Guinness World Records for being struck by lightning the most in recorded history. His first strike was after running out of a building being struck 7 or 8 times by lightning. He ran out and was zapped so hard that it left a half inch burn strip up the side of his leg. He said it was the worst most painful lightning strike of all.

Then he was riding in his truck and lightning struck a tree, bounced off and into his open truck window burning of his eyebrows, eyelashes, and most of his hair leaving him unconscious. A year later he was in his yard when lightning hit a transformer and bounced off and hit his shoulder searing it. Two years after that he was hit in the ranger's station catching his hair on fire.

After that fourth hit he got a little paranoid, for good reason, and started carrying around a bucket of water with him. Only a year after his fourth strike, while he was out on patrol in the park, Sullivan saw a storm cloud forming and drove away quickly. But the cloud, he said later, seemed to be following him. When he finally thought he had outrun it, he decided it was safe to leave his truck.

Soon after, he was struck by a lightning bolt. Sullivan stated that he actually saw the bolt that hit him. The lightning set his hair on fire, moved down his left arm and left leg and knocked off his shoe, although it did not untie the lace. It then crossed over to his right leg just below the knee.

Still conscious, Sullivan crawled to his truck and poured the can of water, which he always kept there, over his head. Three years later he saw a cloud and ran from it, but got struck anyways. The next year, he was struck for the 7th time while fishing in a freshwater pool. The lightning hit the top of his head, singed his hair, traveled down, and burnt his chest and stomach.

Sullivan turned to his car when something unexpected occurred: A bear approached the pond and tried to steal trout from his fishing line. Sullivan had the strength and courage to strike the bear with a tree branch. He claimed that this was the twenty-second time he hit a bear with a stick in his lifetime. He didn't die until he was 71, when he shot himself over unrequited love.


If you were able to hear frequencies lower than 20Hz, you could hear your muscles moving!

Our senses are amazing things. Although they don't give us a completely accurate picture of the world, they give us just enough information to be able to carry out our lives.

For example, you might know that humans can't ever hear certain sound frequencies. However, that's not such a bad thing. If you could hear frequencies under 20 hertz, you would actually be able to hear your muscles move!


Ewan McGregor's uncle played the only rebel pilot to survive both Death Stars!

Denis Lawson is a Scottish actor and director. While most of his work has been in BBC shows, he shares a rare honor: he played the only rebel pilot in the original Star Wars trilogy that managed to survive both attacks on the Death Star.

Perhaps by fate or coincidence, the actor who played Wedge Antilles is also related to the great Obi-Wan Kenobi. Lawson's sister, Carol Diane McGregor is the mother of Ewan McGregor, who played the iconic role in the three Star Wars prequels. Who knows, maybe another member of the family might make an appearance in the new trilogy?



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