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No instrumental song has reached number one in USA since 1985

Let's face it: Instrumental music is not as popular as it once was. It is no longer the golden age of beautifully composed pieces like those of Mozart. Kanye West was recently called a modern day Mozart if that tells you anything about the current state of the music industry. People love lyrics, and the charts reflect that. Perhaps it's just more fun to sing along.

What's interesting is that, as recently as the 1950s, 60s and 70s, instrumental music was very popular. In fact instrumental songs were popular enough to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

"Theme from a Summer Place" by Percy Faith held the spot for nine weeks in 1960. "Fly, Robin, Fly" by Silver Connection was number one for three weeks in 1975. "Sleepwalk" by Santo and Johnny was on top for two weeks in 1959.

However, no purely instrumental song has held the number one spot since 1985. The top position is now reserved for rap anthems, pop ballads and folk tunes. Electronic music is slowly taking over though and features very few lyrics. Perhaps these bass-dropping songs are the instrumental numbers of today.


Neil Young once wired up his house to be the left speaker and the barn as his right speaker so that he could listen to music from a boat in the middle of his lake

Neil Young is a rockstar. Having earned that title, he is also entitled to a few quirks. Not surprisingly, one of his quirks is his obsession with music quality. Young has been campaigning for music to be released at a higher quality. He wants 24-bit, 192 KHz files to be available.

One story in particular demonstrates just how much Young loves music and music quality. At one point, Young wired his house to be the left speaker and his barn to be the right speaker so he could listen to music while on his boat in the middle of his lake. That's dedication.


Sunandha Kumariratana, the Queen of Thailand, drowned while her subjects watched because they were forbidden to touch her

Sunandha Kumariratana was the daughter of King Mongkut and Princess Consort Piam of Thailand. She was born in 1860 and was the first queen consort.

In 1880, when Kumariratana was only 19 years old, her boat capsized on the way to Bang Pa-In Royal Palace. She drowned despite the fact that there were many onlookers present that could have helped her. They didn't because they were not allowed to touch the queen. If they had, they could have been put to death. So ironically and tragically, they were not allowed to save her life.


A 15-year old helped develop a screening test for pancreatic cancer that costs only a few dollars instead of thousands!

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest known types of cancer. The 5-year survival rate for sufferers is around 6% and 40,000 people die each year from it. Most people aren’t even diagnosed from it until after it has spread.

The reason is that the pancreas is nested deeply in the body cavity and it’s difficult to image unless you use MRI machines. For most people, that comes way too late. Early, cheap detection would go a long way towards saving thousands of lives.

Enter Jack Andraka, a 15-year-old high school student who invented a way that may be able to detect this cancer in as little as 5 minutes. It’s a small dipstick probe that uses a sixth of a drop of blood.

As cancer develops, the body develops an overabundance of a protein called mesothelin. Until Jack Andraka’s breakthrough, there wasn’t a way to raise a red flag of too much mesothelin in the body. Let’s hope that this is properly developed and deployed soon.


The 15 Most Mind-Blowing Sex Facts We've EVER Published

Fat baby boys are more likely to have sex earlier in their lives.

Boys who gain the most weight in their first six months of development go on to be taller and stronger as adults, which increases the likelihood that they will lose their virginity sooner!

The reason those first six months are important is because the babies are making the best use of the testosterone that is coursing through their tiny bodies. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that affects muscle and bone growth in babies, and sexual development in young adults.


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