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The first black man to get a PHD from Harvard said 'the honor, I assure you, is Harvard's'

W.E.B (William Edward Burghardt) Du Bois was the first black man to obtain a PhD from Harvard!

He was born in February 23rd, 1868. He was an American sociologist, historian, civil rights activist, Pan-Africanist, author and editor. Upon graduating he became a professor of history, sociology and economics at Atlanta University.

At his times Racism was still very strong among the United States, it was the main target of Dubois’s polemics, and he strongly protested against lynching, racists’ laws, and discrimination in education and employment.

He became very famous after getting his PhD and upon graduating saying: “The honor, I assure you, was Harvard’s.”He died in Ghana after becoming a citizen of Accra, where he was buried near his home, which is now the Du Bois Memorial Centre.

It’s for people like DuBois that the United States has not only grown as a country, but has grown in mind and heart.


Skateboards have been tested by marines for their usefulness in urban combat!

We all know how intense skateboarding can get with all it's riding and awesome tricks.Some people consider it a recreational activity, others as an art form, a job and even a method of transportation. Skateboarding is almost a culture that has shaped and been influenced by many people throughout the years.

There are over 18.5 million skateboarders throughout the world! 74 % of them being male. Nobody really knows who made the first board, although it seems that some French children were the first ones to implement the skateboard by riding boards with roller skate wheels attached to them.

However, you probably didn’t know that the United States Marine Corps tested the usefulness of commercial off-the-shelf skateboards during urban combat military exercises in the late 1990s! Their special purpose was “for maneuvering inside buildings in order to detect tripwires and sniper fire”.

Some people might show off their daddy’s revolver, but if you have a skateboard be proud of the great weapon you possess.


Pele was able to stop the Nigerian Civil War for 48 hours!

Some of you might not even like football (soccer), but it’s pretty much impossible that you have never heard of this sport’s greatest player ever: Edson Arantes do Nascimento or most famously known as the legendary Pelé!

Pelé is known for scoring over 1,283 goals throughout his career and winning 3 FIFA world cups (3 out of the 4 he participated in). He is indeed known as the greatest football player ever in history (yes, even better than Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo).

Many modern great teams such as Real Madrid, Juventus and Manchester United wanted Pelé to sign with them. However, the government of Brazil declared Pelé an “official national treasure” to prevent him from being transferred out of the country!

His skills as a football player were able to make him a star around the world. He toured with his team (Santos do Brazil) internationally so they could take advantage of his popularity. Even in 1967, the two factions involved in the Nigerian Civil War agreed to a 48-hour ceasefire so they could watch Pelé play an exhibition game in Lagos, which happens to be the most populous city in Nigeria!

So when Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo can stop a war for 48 hours give us a call so we can name them “the best football players in history”.


The plural of Wildebeest is 'Wildebeesties'!

Wildebeesties are goofy looking animals, so it's only fitting that they are given a goofy name. One such name is one of three grammatically correct plural forms of the name Wildebeest. The three ways you can make 'wildebeest' plural is by referring to them as 'wildebeest', 'wildebeests' or my personal favorite, 'wildebeesties'.

The wildebeest, which admittedly looks a lot like a cow and a zebra combined together, strolls through the African plains. It's tough being a wildebeest, as even though there are hundreds of thousands of them still alive, local hunters and poachers, as well as threats from other animals in the wild, has caused the wildebeest population to drop dramatically. Hopefully, they won't go extinct within the next few decades, because their only legacy would be the fact that we could call them 'wildebeesties'!


The computer that won Jeopardy! memorized Urban Dictionary and started swearing!

Watson, is an artificial intelligent system initially created to see if it could beat the best of the Jeopardy! Contestants, which included Ken Jennings. Long story short, Watson eventually did beat Ken Jennings in a game of Jeopardy!

However, when Watson would communicate with humans, it sounded very artificial. Eric Brown, someone who helped design Watson, decided it would be best if he added the entire 'Urban Dictionary' to Watson's vocabulary so it could pick up and use slang terms as most humans do. Unfortunately, Watson picked up all the sexual terms and swear words, and began using those nonchalantly.

In order to bring Watson back down to a PG-13 rating, technicians had to design a swear filter for Watson so it wouldn't swear uncontrollably!



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