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Pop Rocks caused such a panic, the FDA set up a hotline to assure parents their kids wouldn't die from eating them!

First created in 1956, Pop Rocks were not quick to catch on. One of the reasons for this was that parents at first believed them to be extremely dangerous! When people eat them now there isn’t much fear that they could potentially explode, yet fifty years ago this was a very real fear!

The classic pop-pop-pop sound and feeling that one experiences when eating Pop Rocks was so new and strange, rumors of exploding children were widely circulated throughout the US. In response, the FDA set up a hotline to ensure parents that their kids were completely safe!


Shakespeare's pipe contained cocaine, cannabis and acid!

William Shakespeare is arguably the most famous and most read playwright in history. To this day, nearly four centuries after his death, his works continue to be read and studied in schools across the world. While Shakespeare was no doubt a genius, recent excavations of his Stratford-upon-Avon home have found traces of various drugs that could have influenced him!

While studying some clay pipe fragments form his home, Inspector Tommie van der Merwe of the South African Police Service’s Forensic Science Laboratory found traces of cocaine and myristic acid, which is a hallucinogen that can be made out of plants such as nutmeg. Cannabis residue was also detected and some claim he even wrote about marijuana in one of his sonnets!


Eric Clapton was blown away the first time he heard Jimi Hendrix play!

James Marshall Hendrix, more commonly known as Jimi Hendrix was an ultra talented guitarist, singer and songwriter. He is actually one of the most celebrated guitarists in recent history. He was influential in developing the amplifier feedback technique that gained popularity. And Rolling Stone named three of his albums to their list of 100 greatest albums of all time.

Eric Clapton is also a musician and singer/songwriter. He is also one of the most influential guitarists of all time. He was a three-time inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and was named fourth on Gibson's list of 50 Greatest Guitarists of all time.

Neither man has a very shabby resume when it comes to music. However, when Eric Clapton first heard Hendrix play, he was blown away. In fact, he was quoted as saying "you never told me he was THAT good!"


The Nazis had built fake airfields to fool their enemies. The British found out and dropped fake bombs on it!

There have been many interesting war tactics--certain battle techniques, surprise attacks, etc. The Nazis came up with a unique one that didn't turn out to be too successful. During WWII, the Nazis built fake airfields to deceive the Allies. Sometimes, these airfields had fake runways and buildings. They always had fake wooden planes though. These were called as "Attrappen."

However, the Allies discovered that these were fake airfields and displaying a peculiar sense of humor, dropped fake bombs on them. The bombs were actually made of wood too. And rumor has it that some even said funny phrases like "wood for wood." Seems like a lot of effort to make fun of your enemy.


11 Reasons Kids Are People Too

A kid hacked his grades and changed them to be salutatorian!

In a Nevada high school, high school Senior Tyler Coyner decided that he would change his grades to be Salutatorian of his school! Supposedly, Coyner was also charging other students to change their grades as well, but it was never made clear whether he actually changed grades other than his own. 

Coyner was a good student as it was, so he didn’t have to change many grades to become salutatorian. He was just barely behind the actual salutatorian, and just needed to change a B+ to an A- to get the award. 

Administrators didn’t even notice because the change in his grades was so small. He ended up giving the speech as salutatorian, and spoke about how he learned what it meant to be a good student at his school. 

In another school, Palos Verdes High School, three kids were running a grade-changing business. The three students were Juniors and charged other students around $300 to change their grades. In order to hack the computers, they installed keystroke loggers on teacher computers to learn their teachers’ usernames and passwords. 

They used this information to help many other students cheat and make a huge profit!



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