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15 Awkward, Yet Hilarious, Sex Facts

These are the best facts to show that sex can be hilarious

Chinese authorities had to clamp down on people hiring Strippers to perform at Funerals!

It's not some ancient Chinese tradition, but it does have something to do with Chinese culture. In a culture that values honor as much as the Chinese culture does, the more people attend someone's funeral, the more the dead person is honored. 

In order to draw larger crowds to funerals, a few people started organizing funerals that involved a striptease performance! The authorities considered this to be "obscene performances" and arrested 5 people in a rural area for organizing the nudie funerals. 


Hundreds of prisoners were left to die in their cells during Hurricane Katrina as officials abandoned the prison

Hurricane Katrina devastated the New Orleans area, and was made worse by the delayed response from aid organizations. There are hundreds of stories of disaster and subsequent neglect as people struggled to survive in the days following the storm.

One particularly horrifying story involves the prisoners of Orleans Parish Prison. Human Rights Watch reported that inmates at Templeman III, one of the buildings at the prison, was abandoned by prison officials when the hurricane struck. Over 600 prisoners were left locked in their cells to fend for themselves.

Some of these prisoners were in ground floor cells and could do nothing as the water rose to chest level. They were left with no food or water and were not evacuated for four days. The generators died as well so the prisoners were left with no lights and no air flow as they water continued to rise. Human Rights Watch called on the US Justice Department to investigate the Orlean's Sheriff Department.


King Haraldof Norway defied tradition and vowed to stay single unless he married his one true love, a commoner.

Royal weddings are often arranged. Royals want someone of a similar social and economic class for their heir. Historically, royal arranged marriages have been a way to gain more territory or strengthen the power of the monarchy.

It looks like these outdated customs are slowly being done away with though. Just look at Prince William and Kate Middleton--a prince and a commoner! And they seem quite happy.

True love was also the motivation for Crown Prince Harald of Norway. He had been dating Sonja Haraldsen for nine years when he told his parents that he would marry her or no one at all. Their relationship had been kept fairly secret because Sonja was the daughter of a cloth merchant, and there was opposition to her non-royal status.

Prince Harald finally put his foot down and told his parents that he was either going to marry Sonja or he would marry no one at all. As he was the only heir to the throne, this would have ended the family's royal rule.

So his parent's gave in and allowed him to marry his love. The couple wed in 1968 and Sonja went on to work with many charitable organizations as the new Queen of Norway. Sounds like the stuff fairy-tales are made of.


There was a nylon rationing during WWII. Women would draw lines on their lefs to make it look like they were wearing pantyhose!

After the New York World Fair, nylon stockings hit the market on May 14th 1940. Women rushed out to buy them, not in their thousands, but in their millions! Over 72,000 pairs of nylons were sold on the first day of release in America and 64 million by the time a year had passed.

The allure of wrinkle free, bunching free, inexpensive leg wear proved extremely popular putting a colossal dent into all preceding forms of established hosiery manufacture. During World War II, nylon was used to manufacture parachutes and other material for soldiers. Women were called on by the government to show their support for the war and the soldiers by giving up their nylon stockings.

So, many women had no stockings and so they ‘penciled in’ seams, using eyeliner or eyebrow pencil to draw lines up the backs of their legs to create the look of stockings. Stockings had become a style symbol and one that all “ladies” adhered to.


Skim milk can actually be really bad for heart.

Skim milk is treated like elixir by the health conscious. It seems the the flawless beverage, allowing you to get all the vitamins found from milk out fat. However, as it turns out, more and more researchers are coming to the conclusion that skim milk is not nearly as good for you as it's full fat counterpart.

The reason behind this is that when the fat is removed from milk, many important vitamins are removed with it, and thus need to be replaced with synthetics. Many manufacturers also "fortify" they skim milk, using a powdered version of milk that can actually serve to oxidize the cholesterol contained in milk.

While this has not be tested in humans, animals that drank oxidized cholesterol were more likely to develop heart disease. So while it may cost you a couple pounds, you may be much better drinking full fat milk.



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