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15 Arcade And Casino Facts You Never Would Have Guessed

One of Saturn’s moons closely resembles the Death Star and Pac-Man.

Discovered in 1789, Mimas is the twentieth-largest of Saturn’s 62 moons. It is also the smallest known astronomical body that is thought to be have a round shape due to self-gravitation. Other than that, Mimas is largely unremarkable...unless you are a nerd! From the right angle, anyone who is familiar with the Star Wars films will immediately notice an uncanny resemblance to a certain weaponized space station! This unusual comparison is due to the fact that its surface is marred by an enormous indentation called the Herschel Crater that looks just like the Death Star’s superlaser!

Another geeky reference can be seen when looking at a map of daytime surface temperatures on Mimas. As with most normal celestial bodies, scientists expected that Mimas would exhibit a temperature reading much like that of Earth - warmer temperatures near the moon’s equator in the early afternoon that taper off as you move away from the center of the moon. However, this was not the case. For some reason the hottest temperatures were registered in the morning along the moon’s edge, in a pattern that looks just like Pac-Man, from the famous arcade game! Scientists expect that Mimas’s irregular heat pattern was likely caused by the impact which created the Herschel Crater many years ago. 

5 pounds of your body is pure bacteria!

It may be a little bit startling (or a lot), but it’s true; your body it’s covered with bacteria. And not only that; in influences on your body weight!

But no need to worry, not all of these microorganisms are bad, some are good and are necessary for you to be alive. Therefore we must only worry on those that can cause harm to our body by getting us sick.

Most of the bacteria are located in our intestines, E.Coli being the most common among them. These bacteria are crucial to our survival since they help maintain our intestines in the right conditions in order to process food and protect us from other bacteria that can cause harm in our bodies, such as Helicobacter pylori which creates ulcers in our stomach.

Also, some studies suggest that certain probiotics (treatment with bacteria) can be helpful. An example would be yogurts, which contain live bacterial cultures which help us to ease diarrhea.Remember, just like humans; not all of these microorganisms are bad.


A news anchor was forced to report on Paris Hilton. In response, she set the paper on fire!

Mika Brzezinski is a news anchor for MSNBC. Brzezinski has made it a little habit of protesting trivial journalism. In 2007, she refused to read the script on Paris Hilton being released from jail.

An hour later during a news break, her producer pushed her again to read the story as the lead over Indiana's Republican Senator Richard Lugar's break with President Bush on the Iraq war. Brzezinski thought the war story was far more important.

She then tried to light the script on fire on air, but her co-host physically prevented her from doing so. Instead, she tore up the script and shredded another copy of it later.


A skydiver filmed his own death because he forgot to put on his parachute!

Most of us are willing to try skydiving at some point in our lives; however we must always remember the golden rule: Don’t jump out without a parachute!

Ivan McGuire sadly didn’t remember it. He was an experienced diver and in 1988 while filming a student and instructor performing skydiving, he fell into his own death because he forgot to put on his parachute.

Authorities said that the video didn’t give any indication on whether the man slipped or jumped out of the plane. The video shows his mates with him for a while and later they disappear from the frame as they open their parachutes while Ivan keeps falling at a great speed.

The policed ruled out suicide attempt since the video shows Ivan reaching for the parachute cord.Remember, it’s ok to say YOLO every once in a while (or maybe not), but always remember, safety first!


Eddie Van Halen initially wanted to be the band's drummer!

Van Halen is one of the greatest rock bands of all time. If you don’t know who they are: Search their videos, watch them, listen, and be amused.

This band redefined the term of shredding and awesome rock and roll. Many other modern rock bands today should bow down to Eddie Van Halen because of his awesome guitar solos and compositions, they really made rock n roll rise up to the stars.

However, did you know that Eddie Van Halen (one of the most amazing guitar players ever) initially bought a drum set instead of a guitar?

Eddie Van Halen actually started out playing the drums! He bought a drum set and his brother bought a guitar. When his brother got better at the drum than him Eddie just said “OK, **** you, I’ll play you guitar”.

He later realized that he was born for making guitars talk and express themselves through beautiful melodies!And that’s just how he became one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Long live rock n roll!



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