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A dog was promoted to sergeant during WWI for locating and capturing a German spy!

During World War I, a dog named Stubby was promoted to sergeant in the US Army for locating and effectively capturing a German spy!

Private J. Robert Conroy found little stubby while training for combat on the fields of Yale University. He learned the bugle class, the drills, and even a modified dog salute as he put his right paw on his eyebrow when a salute was executed by other soldiers!

Stubby had many talents; such as finding wounded men, barking when he heard enemies close and even capturing enemies! He caught the German spy by mapping out the layout of the Allied trenches. As the german ran, Stubby chased him and bit him on the legs until an American soldier arrived.

He won several medals and awards for his 17 battles and great job as a sergeant of the U.S army.Remember, it doesn’t require a lot to be brave, not even being a human, just a great heart.


Scientists just discovered a new human body part!

And you thought we knew everything we could know about body parts. Thanks to new technology, scientists have discovered that our eyes' corneas don't have 5 layers, as previously believed, but rather 6.

The new layer, called Dua's Layer is only 15 microns thick. If that doesn't mean much to you, consider that this layer is smaller than beach sand and mist. The cornea itself is only 500 microns thick, but is incredibly tough and strong.

The new discovery will lead to entire ophthalmology textbooks being rewritten, as well as probably better surgical treatments for certain problems that are caused by the tearing of this previously unknown layer.


Adolf Hitler used steroids!

When we talk about anabolic steroids we must know that these are drugs that have similar effects to the ones caused by testosterone in our bodies (yes, that includes you too ladies).

Some of it's main functions are to increase protein within cells, especially in skeletal muscles. They also participate in the development and maintenance of masculine characteristics such as the growth of the vocal cords, testicles and body hair.

Since anabolic steroids have all this effects, Adolf Hitler decided to be one of the first recorded users of this drug. After experimenting the delightful effects of more muscle mass he decided to start using it on Nazi troops, that way he would be able to make his soldiers more sexually aggressive, muscular and most important; mean and great fighters.

However, anabolic steroids have many downside effects, such as liver damage, testicular atrophy, cardiovascular disease and baldness!So you might want to think twice before trying this drugs, just remember what happened to the Nazis. You don’t see any around anymore, huh?


7 Facts That Will Change Your View of Barbies

A Barbie once came with a scale set at 110 lbs, and a diet book that just said 'Don't Eat'

In 1965, Mattel Inc. came out with the Slumber Party Barbie. She came with her very own “How to Lose Weight” book with the main message of “don’t eat.” Alongside the book came a weight scale that was permanently set to 110 pounds. Ken, on the other hand, came with milk and cookies and no scale.

We know that Barbie’s dimensions are impossible to have, but it became the standard for women to judge themselves. Girls today are following Barbie’s guidelines inadvertently for a body and her instructions of not eating. Some actually blame Barbie for increased eating disorders among girls today.

Barbie is over 50 now, but her body has yet to change and become more realistic and celebratory of real women today. She has 1,000 YouTube clips, 300 Facebook pages, a billion pieces of clothing, 100 different careers, and 50 nationalities, but she’s still anorexic.


The first black man to get a PHD from Harvard said 'the honor, I assure you, is Harvard's'

W.E.B (William Edward Burghardt) Du Bois was the first black man to obtain a PhD from Harvard!

He was born in February 23rd, 1868. He was an American sociologist, historian, civil rights activist, Pan-Africanist, author and editor. Upon graduating he became a professor of history, sociology and economics at Atlanta University.

At his times Racism was still very strong among the United States, it was the main target of Dubois’s polemics, and he strongly protested against lynching, racists’ laws, and discrimination in education and employment.

He became very famous after getting his PhD and upon graduating saying: “The honor, I assure you, was Harvard’s.”He died in Ghana after becoming a citizen of Accra, where he was buried near his home, which is now the Du Bois Memorial Centre.

It’s for people like DuBois that the United States has not only grown as a country, but has grown in mind and heart.



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