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There was a French soldier who couldn’t stop eating and consumed some of the strangest things ever!

Tarrare was a French soldier with one of the oddest life stories ever largely because he could never stop eating! Born in 1772, he was thrown out of his home by his parents because they could not support his eating habits so he traveled with a band of thieves and prostitutes stealing food.

He worked as a street performer and would eat corks, stones, live animals, and whole apples! Tarrare joined the army for an income, yet food rations couldn’t support him so he would search the gutters for food. This was still not enough, and he was hospitalized from exhaustion.

Doctors took interest in Tarrare and conducted experiments to test his limits in which he would eat food intended for 15 people composed of live cats, snakes, lizards, puppies, and a whole eel which he swallowed without chewing! Tarrare’s appetite got larger and larger to the point where he ate corpses in the morgue.

Eventually accused of eating a toddler, Terrare was thrown out of the hospital and died of tuberculosis. Strangely, he was of normal size and appearance and doctors never figured out why he was so hungry!


Mammoths were still alive at the time the Pyramids were built!

It turns out that a few mammoths made it through the Ice Age. Wrangel Island is an uninhabited land mass off the northern coast of faster eastern Siberia. It's about the size of Delaware and according to fossils found there, until about 4,000 years ago, it support the world's last mammoth population.

For 6,000 years, 500-1,00 mammoths were alive on the island while their mainland cousins disappeared.This was round 1650 BCE, which is far more recent than the Ice Age. By this time, the Egyptian pharaohs had started the second half of their 3,000 year reign and the Great Pyramids of Giza had already been built.

It is hypothesized that these beasts may have died out due to inbreeding and a lack of genetic diversity (as the island was isolated and small). Archaelogical evidence suggests that humans reached the island around the same time the mammoths disappeared.

While this is a suspicious coincidence, no artifacts have been found in the area that suggests that the mammoths were have been hunted. It is more likely, that it was climate change finally found these last mammoths and killed them off.


In a comic book storyline, Han Solo and Chewbacca crash land on Earth!

“Into the Great Unknown" is a ten-page non-canon comic story that was written by W. Haden Blackman. It was published in the comic book Star Wars Tales 19, which was released in 2004.

The story is notable for being the first officially licensed work to include both Han Solo and Indiana Jones, two characters portrayed on film by Harrison Ford in the 1970s and 1980s. Within the comic book pages, Solo and his co-pilot Chewbacca flee blindly into hyperspace from an Imperial fleet and end up crashing onto an unfamiliar planet, Earth.

Solo is attacked and killed by a primitive group of humans and 126 years later his skeleton is discovered by Indiana Jones. Blackman intentionally inserted references to both film franchises into the story, hoping to appeal to a wide range of fans. Blackman’s intentions paid off. The comic book appealed to a wider audience and achieved success.


McDonald's first bookkeeper at first worked for free, but she got shares worth $28m today!

No one could have expected just how huge McDonald’s would become when the first restaurant opened in 1940. While it is now the world’s largest chain fast food restaurant, and makes around $30 billion a year, it was not always so.

The McDonalds brothers sold their equity to Ray Kroc who spearheaded it's worldwide expansion. In the beginning it was a few people working long hours for little pay, and June Martino was one of them.

Originally hired as a bookkeeper, June worked for free for the first nine months and for little more after that. However, Kroc recognized her contributions to the company and stated that she was instrumental in it's growth.June often had an eye for successful business people and converted many customers to franchisers.

Because of her devotion and hard work, Kroc gave June $300,000 when McDonald’s went public in 1965, which is about $1.7 million today, and gave her $5 million in holdings, which is about $28 million today!


Rubbing alcohol does NOT make your open wounds burn by itself!

This might seem counterintuitive if you've ever poured alcohol on an open wound and it burnt like hell. Well, you might be surprised that what burns you is not the alcohol itself, but rather the effects it has on your nervous systems.

Studies have shown that ethanol, which is a kind of alcohol, causes skin cells to put out the same neurochemical signals they put out when heat is around. The result is that it doesn’t take as much actual heat for the VR1 nerve cells to turn on.

Researchers have found that alcohol lowers the amount of heat needed to turn on VR1 receptors by almost ten degrees. It isn’t known for sure yet, but researchers think that ethanol may lower the threshold so much around inflamed tissue that your own body temperature kicks off the VR1 nerve cell receptors. Not only does the cut hurt, but it now feels like it's on fire, as well. That’s why it doesn’t burn or hurt when water or other liquids are poured over cuts.



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