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Stephen Colbert's original dream was ruined due to a surgery!

We all know Stephen Colbert’s great sense of humor.

For all of you who don’t know who this guy is; he is an American comedian and satirist whom you can find in “The Daily Show” or “The Colbert Report” which is a spin-off from The Daily Show.

He was the youngest child of 11 in a large Catholic family. In his early life he really enjoyed fantasy novels and playing RPG games such as Dungeons & Dragons. He graduated from the Northwestern University in Chicago with a Major in communication, which eventually lead him to become a host.

However, this wasn’t his real career dream. After surgery caused him ear damage, Stephen Colbert was unable to pursue his childhood dream career of marine biology, and left him deaf in his right ear.

This lead him to a new path, a new path that has brought him a lot of rewards and satisfactions, let’s just hope he doesn't get depressed every now and then when he watches a special on marine biology.


Winston Churchill was almost killed in NYC because he looked on the wrong side of the street!

Before he was Prime Minister of England, in 1931, Winston Churchill visited New York City. On the night of December 13, he got out of a cab and attempted to cross 5th avenue. Unfortunately, Churchill was used to England’s traffic driving on the left hand side of the road. Hence, he looked right and saw that no cars were coming. Too bad cars in the United States drive on the right side of the road.

He was struck by a car going about 30 mph. He was swept up in the car’s cowcatcher and pushed along for a while. Churchill suffered a bleeding head, broken nose and a few fractured ribs. When speaking with police about the accident, he explained that it was entirely his fault.

He was taken to the hospital, and it took him about two months to fully recover from the accident. His friend, Professor Lindemann, suggested that he was not further hurt because of the layer of fat protecting his body. Churchill ended up writing an article about the incident.


The Ramones took their band name from Paul McCartney!

You might be wondering how can the name “Ramone” come from Paul McCartney?First of all, you must know a little bit about this awesome band: Jeffrey Human co-founded the band with his friends John Cummings and Douglas Colvin. They all adopted stage names using “Ramone” as their surname.

This way Cummings became Johnny Ramone, Colving became Dee Dee Ramone and Human became Joey Ramone. The Ramones took their band name from the pseudonym Paul McCartney would use when checking into hotels: Paul Ramone. He also briefly used this same name in the early days of the Beatles when the band’s first name was “The Silver Beetles”.

The Ramones served the punk rock movement throughout the United States with their great albums, “Ramones Mania” being the best one. Some people consider them the second greatest rock band right after the Beatles.So what are you waiting for?Go listen to some “The Ramones” records while you still surf OMG-facts!


15 Surprising Facts About The Wizard of Oz

In the sequel to Wizard of Oz, Dorothy goes into a mental hospital because no one believes her story!

It’s called “Return to Oz” and not surprisingly was much less successful than the original. The story goes that six months after returning, Dorothy has trouble sleeping and is obsessed with her adventures from Oz. Her aunt and uncle are extremely disturbed because they see their niece as closer to insane than creative.

They take Dorothy to a doctor where she is treated by various techniques, including electric shock therapy, before she almost drowns and wakes up in Oz once again. Oz is in ruins and a war of sorts is going on. Dorothy and a fellow mental patient traverse the lands and meet a host of new characters before setting things right and returning to Kansas.

The movie received mixed reviews, but was generally labeled as more dark and creepy. However, like most strange movies, it has since gained a cult following.


A service dog saved his unconscious owner by putting him in the recovery position and going to get help!

Endal is perhaps the world’s most famous service dog. He was named “Dog of the Millennium” and received the PSDA’s Gold Medal for Animal Gallantry and Devotion to Duty (the highest award available to an animal). And for good reason.

Endal was trained by the charity Canine Partners for Independence. He knew over 100 commands, could retrieve items from supermarket shelves and could load and empty a washing machine. Endal became the service dog for disabled ex-Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer Allen Parton in the late 1990s. Parton had suffered serious head injuries during the Gulf War and was confined to a wheel chair.

In 2001, Parton was knocked out of his wheelchair by a passing car. He was unconscious so Endal put him in the recovery position, retrieved his phone from underneath a nearby car and covered him with a blanket. He barked at nearby dwellings for help and then eventually ran to a hotel to get assistance. Due to his fame, Endal became an ambassador for service-dog related charities and training.



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