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Skim milk can actually be really bad for heart.

Skim milk is treated like elixir by the health conscious. It seems the the flawless beverage, allowing you to get all the vitamins found from milk out fat. However, as it turns out, more and more researchers are coming to the conclusion that skim milk is not nearly as good for you as it's full fat counterpart.

The reason behind this is that when the fat is removed from milk, many important vitamins are removed with it, and thus need to be replaced with synthetics. Many manufacturers also "fortify" they skim milk, using a powdered version of milk that can actually serve to oxidize the cholesterol contained in milk.

While this has not be tested in humans, animals that drank oxidized cholesterol were more likely to develop heart disease. So while it may cost you a couple pounds, you may be much better drinking full fat milk.


The President receives about 500 death threats every month!

Whether that figure is higher or lower than you expected, it still poses a huge responsibility for those guarding him. The Secret Service gained it's protective responsibility in 1901 after President McKinley was assassinated. It used to protect presidents for life, yet in 1997, this perk was altered to only 10 years after leaving office.

In 2010, the Secret Service had more than 1300 members who provide security for the White House, the Vice President, the Treasury, and diplomats in DC. Because the President is the most powerful man in the free world, the Secret Service makes constant efforts to ensure that those 500 threats each month don’t happen. Threatening the President is a class D felony and can result in 10 years in prison!


Top 10 Strangest Animal Sex Facts

Australian Jewel Beetles are dying because they're having sex with beer bottles!

Talk about beer goggles. The bottles have the some of the features that the beetles find attractive. They're big, orange / brownish, and the dimple at the bottom of the bottle reflects light in the same way a female's wing covers would.

As a result of the un-'canny' resemblance, the males can't help but fall head over heels for the bottles and try to have sex with them. Obviously, they're unsuccessful, but being the troopers that they are, they try until the hot Australian sun kills them.

Ireland is not the drunkest country in the world.

Contrary to all those "Irish jokes," that we hear so much this time of year, Ireland isn't the most wasted country in the world. Nope, Ireland actually ranks 15th for pure alcohol consumption among adults in litres per capita per year.

The United States, surprisingly, also isn't very high up on this list; it ranks at 53rd place. It doesn't even make the top 50! Come on guys, step up your game!

Meanwhile, the drunkest country in the world is little Moldova, where the average adult consumes 18.22 liters of pure alcohol each year. Then we have the Czech Republic in second place, Hungary in third place, and Russia in forth place.

It should be emphasized that the rankings are based on PURE alcohol consumption. It does not take into account individual drinks. For example, while it is at first place, Moldova consumes nearly half the amount of beer that 15th place Ireland consumes.


No instrumental song has reached number one in USA since 1985

Let's face it: Instrumental music is not as popular as it once was. It is no longer the golden age of beautifully composed pieces like those of Mozart. Kanye West was recently called a modern day Mozart if that tells you anything about the current state of the music industry. People love lyrics, and the charts reflect that. Perhaps it's just more fun to sing along.

What's interesting is that, as recently as the 1950s, 60s and 70s, instrumental music was very popular. In fact instrumental songs were popular enough to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

"Theme from a Summer Place" by Percy Faith held the spot for nine weeks in 1960. "Fly, Robin, Fly" by Silver Connection was number one for three weeks in 1975. "Sleepwalk" by Santo and Johnny was on top for two weeks in 1959.

However, no purely instrumental song has held the number one spot since 1985. The top position is now reserved for rap anthems, pop ballads and folk tunes. Electronic music is slowly taking over though and features very few lyrics. Perhaps these bass-dropping songs are the instrumental numbers of today.



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