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Scientists have melded the brains of 2 rats. Each rat is in a different continent!

One of the rats is in Brazil, and the other is in the United States. Even at this great distance, neuroscientists have been able to create a new central nervous system out of two brains. This is the first step towards building an organic computer that uses a network of linked animal brains to solve tasks.

They way they tested follow: They taught one of the rats to press a lever. Then, the other would be prompted to press the same lever. If it did, they would both get a reward. So far their success rate has been 64%. Not significant, but greater than a 50/50 chance.

Some, however, are skeptical that they haven't achieved anything beyond a 'Hollywood blockbuster' pseudo-science. Read more at the source.


11 Shocking Facts About The White House You Should Know estimates The White House to be worth $287 Million!

Save your checkbook, the White House is, of course, not for sale. Still, by analyzing the real estate market, online giant estimates that the White House would fetch a pretty penny on the open market. What would $287,189,701 buy you? Besides the history of the place, of course. Here's a list of the amenities:

  • It has 132-rooms in 55,000 square feet of construction.
  • It has 16 bedrooms and 35 bathrooms
  • It sits on a lot that is 784,080 square feet big.
  • It has an attached garage.
  • Central cooling, heat and fireplace.
  • Five different levels, including a sub-basement for storage, a basement for reception, a first floor with meeting rooms, a residence floor with bedrooms, and a third floor with recreation and sun rooms.
  • Bonus: The East Wing has room for the first lady and an underground protection bunker!

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Stephen Hawking doesn't want us to try and contact aliens!

Stephen Hawking thinks that it's very likely alien life exists. He thinks it's a bad idea for us to try to contact them. He thinks that aliens visiting us, as our civilization stands right now, would be similar to when Columbus arrived in America.

Fear not, however, the Center for SETI (search for extraterrestrial lab) has technology in place that let's them detect signals from up to 1000 light-years away. Given how long we've been emitting broadcasts into space, it's not very likely that we have been on someone's radar long enough for someone to pay us a visit.


Jimmy Hoffa might've been killed with a wood chipper!

Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance is one of the great American mysteries. If you've never heard of him, Jimmy Hoffa was a union leader who got involved with the mafia. He was convicted to 13 years of prison.

Richar Nixon commuted his sentence 5 years into his sentence. In 1975, he was last seen at a restaurant in Detroit. It's widely believed that he was killed by the mob, but his body has never been found.

Now we might know why: There's no body to be found. Law enforcement sources are saying that they have evidence Jimmy Hoffa was bludgeoned from the back and then put through a wood chipper.


Tigers use their whiskers to see if their prey is still alive!

We know that domestic cats use their whiskers to judge whether or not they'll fit in certain places. Turns out their bigger cousins do something pretty cool with their own whiskers.

Tigers have nerve endings at the base of their whiskers that let them detect distances and changes in their surroundings. They also do something pretty cool when they hunt: The whiskers encircle the prey's neck and they can detect if they have a pulse. That's how they know to stop attacking.



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