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There used to be apes that were over 9-feet tall!

The Gigantopithecus, is not only a mouthful to say, but it is also a species of ape that lived 9 million years ago, and as recently as 100,000 years ago! The gigantopithecus lived primarily in the region of what we now know as China, India, and Vietnam.

What's truly amazing about the Gigantopithecus is that it was roaming the Earth in the same region and around the same time as our distant hominid relatives! You can only imagine the other animals fear of the great Gigantopithecus blacki, as it stood 3 meters tall (9.8 feet) and weighing up to 540kg (1,200 pounds)! It was the largest ape that ever lived!

If it makes you feel any better, scientists believe the Gigantopithecus shared a very similar diet to that of a Panda (lots of bamboo)!


Walt Disney built a house for his parents. His mom died within weeks due to a gas leak!

Have you ever noticed how much familial death there is in Disney films? In 1938, Walt Disney finished building a house for his parents to live in. The house had a horribly faulty gas line and began leaking from the time it was turned on.

Within weeks, poor Walt's mother died of asphyxiation. He tried to do something beautiful for his parents and ended up making his father a widower. After that, Disney films got a little dark with much familial upheaval and even death.

Walt's two narrative features after Snow White, Pinocchio and Dumbo, contain wrenching scenes of parents separated forcibly from an only child. In the 1980s, Disney films debuted The Lion King and a virtual remake of Bambi. Later came Lilo and Stitch and Brother Bear. All of the films deal with parental death and tragedy.


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The band Muse won a lawsuit against Nestle, then donated 100% of the proceeds to charity

Muse is an English rock band that formed in 1994. The band is made up of school mates Matthew Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard.In 2001, the band released their second studio album "Origins of Symmetry," which included the song Feeling Good.

Nestle wanted to use this song in a coffee commercial but the band refused to give them permission. Nestle used the song anyway, and Muse successfully sued them for 500,000 pounds. The band then donated 100% of this money to the charity Oxfam and various charities near their hometown of Teignmouth.


Dave Thomas worked for Colonel Sanders and gave him advice that made KFC wildly successful!

Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s, was born in New Jersey to unmarried parents and adopted by another couple. He left home at the age of 15 and began working at the restaurant of a good friend’s father who became a surrogate father to Thomas himself.

While working at the restaurant, Thomas toured Colonel Sanders’ KFC restaurant and was asked to take over four of the KFC stores. It was at this time that Thomas made coupons and deals for the KFC restaurants he oversaw. He advised Colonel Sanders to create a signature KFC bucket, reduce the number of items on the menu, focus on a signature dish, and have Colonel Sanders appear in advertisements. It worked.

KFC really took off and Thomas sold his four KFCs back to Colonel Sanders and became a millionaire. It was after that when he decided to open a restaurant for himself, because he couldn’t find a decent hamburger joint where he lived. He named the place after his 8 year old daughter, Wendy, and within a decade more than a thousand of the chain restaurants were all around the U.S.


In WWI, the British army executed their soldiers for being cowards. They were suffering from Shell Shock!

Shell Shock is a recognized condition among current and former soldiers, because the brutality of war often takes a severe toll on people's minds. In addition to Shell Shock, many soldiers experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a severe disorder that can change, and ruin someone's quality of life forever.

Unfortunately for the 346 soldiers during World War I that were executed, who most likely suffered from PTSD and/or Shell Shock. The British army didn't recognize Shell Shock as a legitimate disorder, thus when soldiers were acting frightened, they were deemed cowards. In fact, one of the British Generals stated that the weakness of shell shock isn't found in a "good" soldier!



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